• Killing Them Softly Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2012
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

The Man Comes Around
0:23 Introduction of Jackie (Brad Pitt). This song plays in his car.
Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
0:35 Frankie goes to pick up Russell after he collects the bag of money.
0:36 Russell and Frankie get home and start shooting up drugs.
The Windmills of Your Mind
0:42 Frankie drives home and starts getting paranoid.
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
0:46 Mickey arrives at the airport.
Love Letters
0:57 Jackie (Pitt) pulls up in the car next to Markie (Liota) and shoots him in the head.
I Think This Town is Nervous
1:14 Jackie talks to Frankie in the bar. He wants to know where Squirrel is.
It's Only a Paper Moon
1:25 Jackie kills Frankie in his car before wiping it down and leaving.
Money (That's What I Want)
1:31 First song during end credits.
The Feeling In My Nuts

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