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  • Film Release Dec 21st 2012
  • Composer Jon Brion
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Complete List of Songs

Yes, I'm Your Angel (Remastered)
0:02 First song.
Magnet and Steel
0:09 Pete and Barry talk about their wives dieing in the coffee shop.
0:10 Pete sings to this song in the car.
Take On Me
0:11 Debbie changes the song in the car to this.
Price Tag
0:12 Song playing in Pete & Debbie's store.
0:15 Graham Parker plays live after Pete introduces him.
Roman's Revenge
0:17 Debbie puts Sadie's iPod on and they all dance to it on the bed.
0:18 Pete turns off the song and plays his 'good music' for his wife and children.
0:21 They watch Graham Parker in Pete's record studio.
0:22 Pete talks with Cat and Ronnie at his record studio.
0:29 Montage as Pete and Debbie throw out cigarettes and cupcakes. They get all their health check-ups.
Shining Through the Dark (Live)
0:43 Pete & Debbie go for a weekend away without the kids.
Lunch Box/Odd Sox (Remastered)
0:47 Pete & Debbie get high and order room service at the hotel.
0:57 Sadie sings this song in the car.
Little Guitars
0:59 Pete walks into his record studio upset and yells at Ronnie about the CD sales.
1:02 After Debbie is told she is pregnant with her third baby.
1:08 First song in the club with Debbie and Desi.
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
1:09 Second song at the club as Debbie and Desi talk to hockey players.
1:11 First song that Graham Parker sings at his performance.
Where Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida)
1:12 Desi and Debbie dance to this song at the club with the hockey players.
Watch the Moon Come Down
1:16 Song after the Graham Parker show as Pete sits in his car depressed.
1:25 Charlotte leaves an apology note on Sadie's door after everyone keeps fighting.
Paradise By the Dashboard Light
1:28 Pete is singing this loudly in the car with his kids while eating fast food.
1:35 Playing in Sadie's room when Charlotte brings her devices back.
1:40 First song at Pete's birthday party. Jason shows off Debbie's ass.
1:42 Plays as the second song during the birthday party scene and end credits.
1:45 Jason and Ronnie are swimming under water with Desi (Megan Fox).
1:46 Song at the party, Ronnie and Jason talk with Desi about their Zodiacs.
The Weight
1:50 Pete & Debbie argue with each others fathers.
Theme 1 (Debbie and Oliver)
1:53 Sadie catches Debbie smoking in the front yard.
1:58 Pete is riding on his bicycle to get away from the party.
Lucky Now (Live)
2:06 Pete and Debbie go and see live music at the end of the movie.
I Got You (At the End of the Century)
2:08 First song during end credits.
What Do You Like? (feat. Punch Brothers)
Always Judging

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