The Campaign (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Theodore Shapiro
Credited Songs 14 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Gold On the Ceiling    The Black Keys
0:02 First song as Cam Brady addresses multiple groups as \'this nations backbone\'.   
That Happy Feeling    Bert Kaempfert
0:07 Marty Huggins is introduced and walks across the park with his two pugs.   
Azz and Tittiez    Hypnotize Camp Posse
0:16 The kids put there ear phones in so their parents can sweat at each other.   
Groovy Grubworm    Harlow Wilcox
0:22 Background music during Marty Huggin\'s slideshow that Cam Brady plays to embarrass him.   
Salute Your Solution    The Raconteurs
0:25 Song during Marty\'s complete makeover.   
Scuttle Buttin'    Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
0:35 Background music as Cam and Rose at the lunch meeting.   
Bye and Bye    Georgia Mass Choir
0:38 Cam Brady attends church and they all sing this song.   
Sugar Sugar    The Archies
0:41 Marty and his family have a fun night off from the campaign before Tim Watley ends it.   
These Dreams    Heart
0:44 Cam Brady pulls up in his car outside Marty\'s house.   
Barracuda    Heart
0:47 Cam Brady sings this song in his car before getting pulled over for being drunk.   
Spring Is Here    Cal Tjader
0:54 Cam plays this song to seduce Marty\'s wife.   
Takin' Care of Business    Bachman-Turner Overdrive
1:06 Cam Brady gets a new and improved look. This song plays at his show.   
99 Revolutions    Green Day
1:20 Song during end credits.   
Do Lord    Cranston Clements

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