Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Danny Elfman
Official Soundtrack 14 Songs
Credited Songs 31 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

My Cherie Amour    1 Stevie Wonder
0:11 Song plays at the therapists reception, it is Pat\'s trigger song that played at his wedding.   
Always Alright    1 Alabama Shakes
0:17 Pat goes for a run   
What Is and What Should Never Be    1 Led Zeppelin
0:31 Tiffany slaps Pat in the face after he walks her home. Song continues as Pat gets angry over his wedding video.   
Buffalo    1 alt-J
0:35 Pat goes for a run and Tiffany runs out and tries to follow him.   
Unsquare Dance    1 The Dave Brubeck Quartet
0:41 Pat walks down to meet Tiffany for their date at the diner.   
The Moon of Manakoora    Les Paul & Mary Ford
0:42 Song in the diner as Pat and Tiffany eat dinner.   
Monster Mash    Crabcorps
0:43 Second song at the diner.   
Goodnight Moon    Ambrosia Parsley & Elegant Too
0:44 Third song at the diner.   
Now I'm a Fool    Eagles of Death Metal
0:46 Fourth song in the diner.   
Girl from the North Country    4 Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Norman Blake, W.S. Holland & Marshall Grant
1:07 After Tiffany tells Pat about how Tommy died. Montage as they start to practice their dance.   
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing    Stevie Wonder
1:12 Danny tries to teach Tiffany some moves for Pat.   
Silver Lining    Jessie J
1:12 Danny starts dancing with them to an upbeat song.   
Hello Operator    2 The White Stripes
1:22 Pat and his brothers friends go to the stadium to watch the game.   
Hey Big Brother    Rare Earth
1:24 Song playing at the game as they start to get drunk outside the stadium.   
Street Cadence    UCLA Marching Band
1:25 Outside the stadium as the fight erupts.   
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas    1 Frank Sinatra
1:37 Christmas Song as Pat and Tiffany try on their outfits for the dance.   
Guarapiranga    Toco
1:41 Tiffany heads straight to the bar after she spots that Nikki has arrived. The first contestants are dancing.   
Cesaroni's Tango    Andrea Guerra
1:43 Tiffany talks to the creep at the bar.   
Sway    Tribute Beat
1:44 Pat tries to find Tiffany and spots her at the bar.   
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing    Stevie Wonder
1:45 First song as Pat and Tiffany start their dance.   
Fell In Love With a Girl    2 The White Stripes
1:46 Second lively song during their dance performance.   
Maria    The Dave Brubeck Quartet
1:47 Third song during their performance.   
Misty    1 Johnny Mathis
1:50 Pat goes up and talks to Vicki after his performance.   
Always Alright    2 Alabama Shakes
1:57 Song during end credits.   
Rain in My Eyes    Joan Shaw
Hard to Find    William Kimball
Amore a Forza    Piero Piccioni
Popeye's Clog    Evan Lurie
Devil tango    Evan Lurie
Rain    Jon Heintz


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Questions (2) Ask Question

yovoid level 1 | 3 months ago
What's the song that's playing before he throws the book out the window?

willdownload level 1 | 1 year ago
What is the song that is playing when Tiffany sits in his lap at the end of the movie?
oybobby level 1 | 1 year ago
It's a version of Danny Elfman's "Walking Home" Danny also wrote the intro/credits theme for the film. What a great fucking movie with great music. Just my opinion.