• Seven Psychopaths Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 12th 2012
  • Composer Carter Burwell
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Complete List of Songs

Angel of Death
First song as movie opens.
The First Cut Is the Deepest
0:03 After Psychopath No. 1 (Jack of Diamonds) shoots the two guys on the bridge.
Mr. Gold and Mr. Mud
0:05 Introduction of Billy (Rockwell) and Hans (Walken) in the dog-kidnapping business.
You Don't Know
0:18 Billy talks to himself in the mirror as he gets ready.
0:19 Marty tells his Quaker story at the party.
0:21 Marty wakes up at Billy\'s place with the dog on him.
The Trumpton Riots
0:24 Marty reads the advertisement Billy wrote for him in the newspaper.
The Unknown Immortal
0:28 Billy, Marty and Hans go down to the cafe and decide what to do about the killings.
Berlioz: Strophes 'Premiers Transports Que Nui N'oblie' [Roméo Et Juliette, Op 17 - Version With Original Parts. - Part 1]
0:33 Song during the Montage of Zachariach and Maggie \'serial killer killing\'.
Don't Start Loving Me (If You're Gonna Stop)
0:45 Song as Billy tries to have sex with Ange.
Angela Surf City
0:49 After Billy shoots Ange, he drives back to meet Hans and Marty.
The Comancheros
0:53 They go to a bar after Hans wife is killed. Marty starts to tell Hans the Quaker psychopath story.
0:54 Second song at the bar as Billy tries to stop Marty from telling the story.
Dirty Dishes
0:59 Hans, Marty and Billy all drive out to the desert.
1:02 They\'re all hanging out at the desert. Hans records his screenplay ideas for Marty.
1:04 Billy starts telling his violent \'shootout\' version of the story.
The First Cut Is the Deepest
1:44 End credits.
Inside a Silent Tear

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