• Django Unchained Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 25th 2012
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits.
The Braying Mule
0:12 Django and Dr. King Schultz arrive in Daughtry, Texas. Everyone stares at Django on the horse.
Lo Chiamavano King (His Name Is King)
0:23 Django and King Schultz leave the small texas town after killing their sheriff. Song continues after Django picks out his outfit.
Norme Con Ironie
0:25 Django recounts how himself and his wife were sold.
0:33 Song as Django recounts the Brittle Brothers as they whip his wife, Broomhilda.
La Corsa (2nd Version)
0:35 Django walks over and confronts the Brittle Brothers as they are about to start whipping a girl.
Requiem (Verdi) Prologue
0:41 The gang on horses with white masks raid King Schultz and Django.
I Got a Name
0:50 Django and King Schultz partner up, prepare their horses and set off to bounty hunt and find his wife.
I Giorni Dell’ira
0:55 Django practices shooting his handgun at a snowman.
Minacciosamente Lontano
1:12 Django and King Schultz set off with Calvin Candie\'s entourage after making an offer.
100 Black Coffins
1:15 Candie\'s entourage sets off again after Django pulls one of his Candie\'s men off his horse after antagonising Django.
Nicaragua (feat. Pat Metheny)
1:25 They continue riding and arrive at the ranch after the 3 dogs kill the black man for running away from Mr. Candie.
Sister Sara's Theme
1:33 Candie\'s men bring Broomhilda out of the hot box.
1:35 Song as the table is set at Candie\'s estate.
2:04 Broomhilda\'s Bill of Sale is written up and signed as the harp is played.
Unchained (The Payback / Untouchable)
2:13 Django shoots up and kills all of Candie\'s men after King Schultz is shot.
2:16 Django gives up and surrenders to Candie\'s men.
Ain't No Grave
2:22 Django is taken to the LeQuint Dicky Mining Company.
Who Did That to You?
2:29 Django kills the 3 Australian\'s after they set him free and he heads back to Candyland.
2:31 Django rides back to Candyland and shoots more of Candie\'s men.
2:33 Django arrives back in Candyland and collects Broomhilda.
2:40 Song after Django blows the house up.
Ode to Django (The D Is Silent)
2:42 Song during end credits.
Town of Silence (from "Django") (Version 2)
Town of Silence
The Big Risk
Blue Dark Waltz
Dopo La Congiura (from "I Crudeli")

Official Soundtrack

Django Unchained Official Soundtrack
1 Winged 0
James Russo
2 Django 0
Luis Bacalov & Rocky Roberts
3 The Braying Mule 1
Ennio Morricone
4 "In the Case Django, After You..." 0
Christoph Waltz & Jamie Foxx
5 Lo Chiamavano King (His Name Is King) 0
Luis Bacalov & Edda Orso
6 Freedom 1
Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton
7 Five-Thousand-Dollar Nigga's and Gummy Mouth Bitches 0
Don Johnson & Christoph Waltz
8 La Corsa (2nd Version) 1
Luis Bacalov
9 Sneaky Schultz and the Demise of Sharp 0
Don Straud
10 I Got a Name 0
Jim Croce
11 I Giorni Dell’ira 0
Riziero Ortolani
12 100 Black Coffins 0
Rick Ross
13 Nicaragua (feat. Pat Metheny) 0
Jerry Goldsmith
14 Hildi's Hot Box 0
Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio & Christoph Waltz
15 Sister Sara's Theme 0
Ennio Morricone
16 Ancora Qui 0
Elisa Toffoli
17 Unchained (The Payback / Untouchable) 1
James Brown & 2Pac
18 Who Did That to You? 0
John Legend
19 Too Old to Die Young 0
Brother Dege (AKA Dege Legg)
20 Stephen the Poker Player 0
Samuel L. Jackson & Jamie Foxx
21 Un Monumento 0
Ennio Morricone
22 Six Shots Two Guns 0
Samuel L. Jackson & Jamie Foxx
23 Trinity: Titoli 0
Annibale E I Cantori Moderni
24 Ode to Django (The D Is Silent) 0

Trailer Music

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