• Life of Pi Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 21st 2012
  • Composer Mychael Danna
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits. Films various animals at the zoo.
Piscine Molitor Patel / / Sous le Ciel de Paris
0:05 Pi recounts his childhood at the swimming pool.
0:11 Pi starts to tell his story about his childhood in Pondicherry.
Meeting Krishna
0:13 Song as Pi retells the story of the gods he believed in as a child.
Christ in the Mountains
0:15 Pi talks about meeting Christ in the mountains when he was 12.
Thank You Vishnu for Introducing Me to Christ / Raga Ahir Bhairav
0:17 Pi thanks Vishnu as a boy.
Richard Parker
0:23 Richard Parker, the tiger, approaches Pi in the cage.
Appa's Lesson
0:25 After Pi\'s father teaches him a lesson and feeds the goat to the tiger.
0:28 Pi spies on Anandi in the Indian Marketplace.
0:29 Pi takes Anandi to see Richard Parker.
Leaving India
0:31 Pi and his family leave India.
The Deepest Spot On Earth
0:35 Pi recollects as the ship moved through the storm at the Mariana Trench.
0:43 Song as Pi watches the ship sink to the bottom of the ocean.
Death of the Zebra
0:50 The Hyena kills the Zebra on the boat.
First Night, First Day
0:56 Pi cries on his makeshift raft on the first night, after the tiger torments him all day. Continues next day as he writes a message in a bottle.
Set Your House in Order
1:00 Pi reads the pamphlet on how to survive at sea. He attempts to train the tiger by pulling the boat in different directions.
Skinny Vegetarian Boy
1:04 Pi gives Richard Parker some water and attempt to catch him some fish.
Pi and Richard Parker
1:07 Richard Parker falls out of the boat and Pi tries to rescue him.
1:12 Pi\'s boat is capsized when the whale jumps out of the water.
1:16 After the flying fish event and Pi gets to feed.
Tiger Training
1:17 Pi attempts to train Richard Parker.
1:20 Pi manages to put up a cloth to offer him shade. He continues to write in the book.
1:22 Pi lights up flares to hail down a ship in the distance, but it fails to see him. Montage as the tiger looks into into the sea. Variety of animals are shown.
1:27 Song during the huge storm.
I'm Ready Now
1:33 Pi and Richard Parker are dying on the boat. Pi tells god he is ready.
1:36 Pi arrives at the island full of meerkats. He swims in the lake within.
Back to the World
1:43 Pi leaves the island and washes up upon a shore. Richard Parker leaves Pi and heads into the jungle without looking back.
The Second Story
1:52 Pi tells them the second version of his story.
Which Story Do You Prefer?
1:57 Pi finishes his story and asks which he prefers. Movie ends as Pi\'s family arrives home.

Official Soundtrack

Life of Pi Official Soundtrack
1 Pi's Lullaby 0
Mychael Danna & Bombay Jayashri
2 Piscine Molitor Patel / / Sous le Ciel de Paris 0
Mychael Danna
3 Pondicherry 0
Mychael Danna
4 Meeting Krishna 0
Mychael Danna
5 Christ in the Mountains 0
Mychael Danna
6 Thank You Vishnu for Introducing Me to Christ / Raga Ahir Bhairav 0
Mychael Danna & Pandit Jasray
7 Richard Parker 0
Mychael Danna
8 Appa's Lesson 0
Mychael Danna
9 Anandi 0
Mychael Danna
10 Leaving India 0
Mychael Danna
11 The Deepest Spot On Earth 0
Mychael Danna
12 Tsimtsum 0
Mychael Danna
13 Death of the Zebra 0
Mychael Danna
14 First Night, First Day 0
Mychael Danna
15 Set Your House in Order 0
Mychael Danna
16 Skinny Vegetarian Boy 0
Mychael Danna
17 Pi and Richard Parker 0
Mychael Danna
18 The Whale 0
Mychael Danna
19 Flying Fish 0
Mychael Danna
20 Tiger Training 0
Mychael Danna
21 Orphans 0
Mychael Danna
22 Tiger Vision 0
Mychael Danna
23 God Storm 0
Mychael Danna
24 I'm Ready Now 0
Mychael Danna
25 The Island 0
Mychael Danna
26 Back to the World 0
Mychael Danna
27 The Second Story 0
Mychael Danna
28 Which Story Do You Prefer? 0
Mychael Danna

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