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  • Film Release Feb 1st 2013
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Complete List of Songs

Hard Times
0:01 First song of the movie. plays while Al Pacino (Val) gets out of prison and Christopher Walken (Doc) paints.
Fooled Around and Fell in Love
0:09 Song playing when Val and Doc arrive at a small brothel.
0:18 Val and Doc are in a bar drinking, Val hits on a group of girls and gets a drink throw on him.
Cooler Couleur (feat. Yelle)
0:20 Song playing while Val talks to the Dj and asks for something \'oldschool\'.
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
0:22 The song Val and Lisa dance to at the bar.
0:27 Doc listens to this song in his car after Val passes out in the passenger seat.
Papa Was Stoned
0:28 Song playing when Doc takes Val to the hospital.
Love From Above
0:37 Song that plays after Doc and Val eat at the diner, Val finds out that Doc\'s job is to kill him.
Sock It To 'Em J.B.
0:45 Song that plays while Val Doc and Hirsch try to lose the police.
Hoochie Coochie Man
0:51 Song playing after Hirsch, Val and Doc leave the brothel and drive away quickly.
0:54 Sons playing in the background at the diner where Hirsch, Val and Doc eat after finding a girl (Sylvia) in the trunk of the car they stole.
Get Down With It
1:00 Song playing on the tv in the warehouse when Val and Doc walk in to hurt the men that took Sylvia.
1:02 Song playing when Sylvia walks into the warehouse and sees the men who took her.
1:10 Song that plays when Doc and Val bury Hirsch then head to the diner for steak.
Church Always Open
1:16 Val and Doc leave the diner after Claphands threatens Alex, they go to a church.
Not Running Anymore
1:24 Val and Doc hug after leaving the suit shop.
Bright Lights
1:28 Song begins when Val and Doc pull out their guns and start shooting at Claphand and his men.
Old Habits Die Hard
1:30 First song of end credits

Official Soundtrack

Stand Up Guys Official Soundtrack
Stand Up Guys Official Soundtrack
1 Stand Up Guys 0
Lyle Workman
2 My Favorite Car 0
Lyle Workman
3 Insane Copay Blues 0
Lyle Workman
4 Church Always Open 0
Lyle Workman
5 Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye 0
Lyle Workman
6 Sunrise 0
Lyle Workman
7 Life Full of Not Good Ideas 0
Lyle Workman
8 Mount Everest Moved In 0
Lyle Workman
9 Nutcracker 0
Lyle Workman
10 Accidents Can Happen 0
Lyle Workman
11 Witness To Our Lives 0
Lyle Workman
12 Skedaddle Down the Road 0
Lyle Workman
13 Let's Escape 0
Lyle Workman
14 Claphands 0
Lyle Workman
15 Hey Brother 0
Lyle Workman
16 Early Bird Special 0
Lyle Workman
17 My Only Friend 0
Lyle Workman
18 All Out of Mercy 0
Lyle Workman
19 Last Wish 0
Lyle Workman
20 No Crying For You 0
Lyle Workman
21 I Was Painting You 0
Lyle Workman
22 Dead By Ten 0
Lyle Workman
23 Chew Gum Or Kick Ass 0
Lyle Workman
24 Stand Up 0
Fort Knox Five
25 Cooler Couleur (feat. Yelle) 0
26 Papa Was Stoned 0
Fort Knox Five
27 Insomnia 0
James Wilsey

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