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Upside Down Poster - Songs and Soundtrack
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Svefn - G - Englar

Sigur Rós

Bíum Bíum Bambaló

Sigur Rós


Syd Matters

River Sister

Sid Matters

Dos Mundos

Martin Pavlovsky

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Sahil_Khanwelkar | 3 months ago

Can anyone please tell me the name of the music piece that is played in the end credits of this movie? It is the 1st music to play in the end credits right after the the screen goes black and the rolling titles start.

Minh Đức_Vũ | 2 months ago

I'm not sure but i think the name of the song is city of hope by audiomachine.

Sahil_Khanwelkar | 1 month ago

I just listened to the city of hope....unfortunately....its not the one....the one im trying to find has a slow beat and begins immediately after screen turns black...still thanks....

Ram_San Miguel | 1 month ago

Driftwood by Aggie

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