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  • Film Release Sep 14th 2012
  • Composer Jonny Greenwood
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Complete List of Songs

0:01 First song as movie opens and Freddie is watching out from the ship.
Able-Bodied Seamen
0:02 First scene as Freddie spends some time on the beach with his fellow troops. He masturbates into the ocean.
Get Thee Behind Me Satan (feat. Ella Fitzgerald)
0:10 Song as Freddy takes photographs of couples. He takes a sales attendent into the back room.
0:16 At the cabbage farm. Freddy makes up his alcoholic concoction.
Sweet Sue, Just You
0:20 Song as Freddie sneaks onto the ship, \"Alethia\". Playing on the boat as it sails off.
0:29 Val talks with Freddie at the dinner table after the wedding.
0:34 Freddie goes downstairs on the ship and makes up his special drink for Lancaster Dodd.
0:50 Freddie remembers his girl back home, as him and Lancastar end their session. Song continues to play throughout movie at various times.
Dancers In Love
0:51 As Freddie and Lancaster finish their first session and drink the \'poison\' Freddie made. Song continues at the Dodd\'s and Freddy arrive at the house.
Lotus Blossom
0:54 Song playing at the house party.
I'll Go No More A-Roving
1:07 Lancaster sings this song to his group.
Application 45 Version 1
1:26 Song as they train Freddy for the cause. He does the \'Application 45\' exercise with Clark.
No Other Love (feat. Jo Stafford)
1:51 They walk off after Freddie in the desert after he takes off on the motorcycle and doesn\'t come back. Freddie goes to visit Dorris.
Sweetness of Freddie
1:58 Freddie goes to see Lancaster and is met by Val in the corridor.
Changing Partners (feat. Helen Forrest)
2:10 Freddie lies on the beach at the end of the movie. Song plays into end credits.
2:13 Second song during end credits.
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) [feat. Madisen Beaty]
Children of the Family
Celebration Solaire
A-Tisket A-Tasket
The Deep Boo Sea
The Split Saber
His Master's Voice

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