Straight A's (2013) Soundtrack 

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Complete List of Songs

I've Never Been This Blue    Greencastle Homer
0:14 They wait for Scott at the dinner table as he lies in the bath upstairs.   
Momma Told Me    Joe Purdy
0:18 Song as Scott (Phillippe) rides his horse over to the house. He makes a noise at the window and leaves.   
Gotta Lover    1 Joe Purdy
0:42 Scott and Katherine smoke weed and kiss by the pool. She runs inside.   
Heart Like a Wheel    Truth & Salvage Co.
0:56 Dana pushes William into the elevator and starts kissing him.   
Take Me or Leave Me    1 Joe Purdy
0:58 Scott leaves Katherine\'s house after she gets angry at him. William (Luke Wilson) makes out with Dana at the hotel.   
Precious Memories    Joe Purdy
1:16 Scott is taken to the hospital and his family are told he is in a coma. Also plays during end credits.   
Dead End Kids    Joe Purdy
1:23 Song plays at Scotts funeral at the end of movie.   
Pioneer    Joe Purdy
1:25 Second song during end credits.   
Amazing Grace    Rick Krizman
T'Ain't Nobody's Business    Sofia
Too Young    Joe Purdy
Big Top    Joe Purdy
Rag Doll    Bobby Summerfield / Matt McGuire
Our Ship    Joe Purdy
Las Mañanitas    Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán
Touch the Sun    Tad Jacobs

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