• Celeste and Jesse Forever Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 3rd 2012
  • Composer Zach Cowie and Sunny Levine
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Complete List of Songs

Littlest Things
First song during opening credits. We see flashes of Jesse and Celeste dating.
A Little Bit of Love
0:04 Jesse drops Celeste home so he can go surf. Plays again when Celeste is lining up for coffee.
Can't You Tell
0:07 Celeste and Jesse are at dinner with Beth and Tucker. They confront them about not dating.
Do It On My Face
0:18 Celeste listens to Riley\'s CD.
0:35 Song as Celeste goes running with her iPod.
Follow You to the Moon
0:37 Celeste\'s date sings this to her on guitar.
0:43 Celeste makes out with her date on the couch before he starts touching himself.
Rescue Song (RAC Remix)
0:50 Song at the costume party.
0:56 Paul takes Celeste to the salsa dancing bar.
Love Will Find a Way
1:06 Celeste and Skillz smoke their huge bong while watching TV.
Open Your Eyes
1:07 Celeste is drunk at the wedding party. She passes out in the pool.
I Know That On My Love to Thee
1:10 Playing in Riley\'s house when she tells Celeste her boyfriend cheated on her.
No Other Plans (feat. Young Dad)
1:12 Celeste is late for the wedding and asks to cut in front of people at the laundromat. Continues as she travels to Beth and Tucker\'s wedding.
Five Four Five
1:17 Song after Celeste\'s wedding speech. Tucker and Beth are dancing.
(You) Got What I Need
1:17 Celeste gives Paul a call in the car at the end of the movie. First song during end credits.
1:19 Song as everyone dances in the wedding tent at night. Celeste smokes outside as fireworks start.
It's Gonna Be a Good Day
1:21 Montage as Celeste moves on and hangs out with Paul. Her and Riley run into Rupert on the street.
On Bended Knee
1:22 Celeste and Paul sing this song at Karaoke.
As For Tonight (feat. Orelia)
1:30 Second song during end credits.
I Never Promised
Should We Just
Ghost on You
Just a Friend
Hood Pass Intact
Give Me A Call
Recollections of the Wraith
If All I'd Known
Faces Now (Caress Mix)
Wild Us Out

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Questions (2)

  • Ms_Rafah 2 years ago
    what is that instrumental song playing when Celeste and Jesse are done arguing on the street and as they walk away Celeste gets a hug from a man in a costume.
  • Ms_Rafah 2 years ago
    what is that instrumental song playing when drives back home to see jesse smoking at her doorstep and they end up sleeping on the couch