• 21 And Over Soundtrack

  • Film Release Mar 1st 2013
  • Composer Lyle Workman
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Complete List of Songs

First song as they walk through campus naked.
Going Out in Style
0:09 Miller, Casey and Jeff Chang go out and are singing to this song at the first bar.
0:10 Song at the bar as they talk High School and going to the SideWinder at the gorge.
Swim Until You Can't See Land
0:11 Nicole comes over and talks to them at the bar.
0:13 Song in the bar as Jeff and Miller start playing darts.
It's So Hot (Sheen Bros) [feat. Greg Nice and Cosmo Baker]
0:17 Jeff Change walks into the next bar and does shots off girls, dances on the bar and pisses on the crowd.
Come Together (feat. Suspence)
0:19 Song as Jeff starts throwing up while riding the mechanic bull.
0:21 They go to look for Nicole at the sorority to find out if she knows where Jeff lives.
Let\'s Touch
0:34 Song as they drive Nicoles car away from the sorority girls.
0:37 The guys go to find Randy at the yell rally.
Il Mio Tesoro Intanto
0:41 Jeff Chang\'s dad is driving the streets trying to find Jeff. This song is playing in his car.
0:41 Miller and Jeff try to drive Jeff Chang home in a golf cart. They see the chief dancing on the street again and drive down the stairs.
0:44 They arrive at the address and realize it is not where Jeff Chang lives.
Tonight Is the Night
0:44 Song playing inside the party building as they try to find Jeff Changs home.
0:45 They knock on an Asian girls door and ask if she knows Jeff Chang
Mona Vegas
0:46 They try to go upstairs but are told to participate in the tower of power.
0:47 They play beer pong with the serbians.
Almost Famous (21 and Over Mix)
0:49 Jeff and Miller start to move up the tower of power. Song plays as they win all the party games on each level.
Break It Off
0:50 Casey finds Nicole at the party.
The Love We Have
0:51 Cuts to Jeff Chang passed out on the couch with the stoners.
0:52 Song as they play suck and blow at the party.
Control (feat. Gary Go)
0:57 Jeff Chang starts drinking again. He dances in the yard naked with a bear and bikini on.
Ready Set Go (Ben's Over 21 Mix)
0:58 They chase Jeff Chang from the party and through streets. He runs over the top of cars before the police run him down.
Under Control (feat. Pigeon John and Flynn Adam)
1:12 Song as they try to find Jeff Chang in the hospital and break him out by dropping him out the window.
1:13 Song plays while Jeff Chang drives home after getting out of the hospital.
Swim Until You Can't See Land
1:24 Jeff chases down Nicole at the end of the movie.
Young Blood (Dekade Remix)
1:25 Song as Jeff kisses Nicole. Continues as they all go to SideWinder.
1:27 Song during the end credits.

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