• Everything Must Go Soundtrack

  • Film Release May 13th 2011
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits as Nicholas gets fired.
Puñalada Al Corazon
0:04 Song in the convenience store as Nicholas buys beers after he gets fired.
It's Gonna Be Easy
0:05 Song plays in Nick\'s car as he drives home to find all his stuff on the front lawn.
Baby, I'm In the Mood for You
0:43 Nick sits on his front yard, drinking beer as his neighbours look on.
I Like to Boogie
0:44 Nick is listening to this record, when a girl asks to buy his rotisserie.
0:45 Nick plays catch with Kenny in the street before running across the street to give the polaroid camera to Samantha.
Before the Next Teardrop Falls
0:52 Nick looks through his year book from high school.
I Shall Be Released
1:32 Song plays at the end of the movie as Nick hugs Samantha. Plays into the end credits.
Three Six Five
1:34 Second song during end credits.
Auspicious Locations
Traigo Montuno
El Amor Que Sone

Official Soundtrack

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Trailer Music

Questions (3)

  • juevans 5 months ago
    who plays the guitar music that is played at intervals throughout the movie and also at the end with the trailers?
  • Rogério_Sampaio 1 year ago
    Does anybody know the song or the author of the song playing in the background while Nick says goodbye to Kenny near the end? It's a really short piece with guitar and a piano. Can't find it anywhere.
  • Nate_Simantov 2 years ago
    Can anyone one help me find the name of the guitar music when Nick is watching the home video of him playing catch with his father? Around 51:30 into the BRRip version... Thank you! Its driving me mad