Warm Bodies (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
Official Soundtrack 22 Songs
Credited Songs 17 Songs
Contributor tomm098 level 5   admin
Views 22321 (May), 787477 (Total)
User Questions 1

Complete List of Songs

Rock You Like a Hurricane    3 Scorpions
When the zombies walked out together with R leading them this was playing   
Sitting In Limbo    2 Jimmy Cliff
0:01 First song as R walks through the airport.   
Missing You    5 John Waite
0:04 R sits in the plane listening to this song at the start of the movie.   
The Bad In Each Other    2 Feist
0:08 R and the other zombies walk the street looking for food.   
Be the Song    1 Foy Vance
0:12 Flashback to Perry and Julie dating, as R eats Perry\'s brain.   
Patience    1 Guns N' Roses
0:23 R plays this record for Julie in the airplane as they go to sleep.   
Shell Suite    1 Chad Valley
0:31 Julie teaches R to drive.   
Hungry Heart    1 Bruce Springsteen
0:33 Song plays as R and Julie dance and play in the abandoned airplane.   
Shelter from the Storm    1 Bob Dylan
0:36 R plays this record in the airplane as Julie falls asleep. R says he wishes he could sleep and dream.   
Hinnom, TX    2 Bon Iver
0:44 Song as Julie drives R away from the airport in her convertible in the rain. They drive to her house.   
Yamaha    4 Delta Spirit
0:55 R wakes up after dreaming and runs out of the house. He leaves Julie and heads back to the airport.   
Oh, Pretty Woman    1 Roy Orbison
1:10 Nora puts this song on as they start to give R a makeover.   
Midnight City    3 M83
1:11 Nora changes the song to this during the makeover.   
Runaway    1 The National
1:28 Song at the end of movie as the Zombies slowly came back to life. R and Julie look out over the city. Plays into end credits.   
Numbers Don\'t Lie    1 The Mynabirds
1:32 Second song during end credits.   
Concerto in A Minor for Flute, Oboe, Strings    1 Symphony Orchestra INSO Lemberg
1:34 Third song during end credits.   
We Wish You a Merry Christmas    Robert Foster


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Questions (1) Ask Question

awarriorsmom level 1 | 1 year ago
what do i need to do to be able to buy the songs from warm bodies and download them to my computer and then burn a cd of them .i don't have any other way or devices other than to burn a cd of my music from my computer and the soundtrack of warm bodies is just instrumental music score so i didn't buy that when i found out it didn't have these great songs on it ...thanks
tomm098 level 5   admin | 1 year ago
If you just download the songs individually from iTunes and make an iTunes playlist with the songs you want. Then you can just right-click on the playlist and burn it to a disc.
awarriorsmom level 1 | 1 year ago
than you for answering my question :)
Chad_Blackwelder level 1 | 1 year ago
Go to Vuze.com. Download the software for free. Then google Vuze templates, and download them to a folder on your desktop. After the Vuze software is downloaded, then install the templates you got from google. Now, you pull from sites such, Piratebay, Bitjunkie, Bit torrent, ISOhunt, etc. Download Mp4's under Meta Search, which is what ITunes music is, and import them into your Itunes player in order to burn, or transfer them to your Iphone. Now, you no longer have to pay for music again.
Chad_Blackwelder level 1 | 1 year ago
Anyone that still pays for music, Movies, and TV need to know this. There is a better way, and it's not illegal because it's considered P2P (person to person), which is sharing, not pirating.