• Safe Haven Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 14th 2013
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

0:03 First song during opening credits. Katie is on the bus.
Summer Child
0:07 Katie walks into the fish shop to ask if there are any job openings.
0:14 Song at the fish shack as Katie hides from the police officers that come in.
Sleepy Little Town
0:26 Montage as Katie starts painting her house.
Wrap Your Arms Around Me
0:38 Katie goes to the beach with Alex and his kids.
0:52 Katie and Alex run into the diner during the storm.
The Journey
0:52 Second song in the diner during the heavy rain.
0:53 Alex and Katie continue to talk in the diner.
Heart's Content
0:53 Fourth song in the diner, Katie says its nice. They dance.
1:03 Song at the fish shack when Katie calls the Mrs. Feldman to tell her she\'s safe.
No Nostalgia
1:05 Alex drops by the fish shack to surprise Katie.
1:06 Alex drops Katie home after there date. She invites him inside and they have sex.
My Baby's Got To Pay the Rent
1:31 Tierney walks through the festival and spots Katie and Alex kissing.
We Both Know (feat. Gavin DeGraw)
1:51 First song during end credits.
Glory, Hallelujah

Official Soundtrack

Safe Haven Official Soundtrack
Safe Haven Official Soundtrack

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