• The Place Beyond The Pines Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 19th 2013
  • Composer Mike Patton
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Complete List of Songs

0:19 Luke checks out Robins shop and rides his motorbike home. Again as he spray paints his bike and prepares for the first bank robbery.
0:26 Luke goes Romina's home to give her some gifts to his son Jason, while he's knocking the door he sings "Borriquito"
Dancing In the Dark
0:29 Song after they do their first robbery. They listen to this song while they count the money.
0:40 Luke leaves Robins upset because he says its over. He drives the van over to visit Romina and apologize. Robina cuts Lukes bike in half.
Miserere: Miserere Mei
0:50 During Jasons baptism at the church.
1:10 Deluca and the other corrupt cops drive off after stealing back the money from Romina. They pay Avery $7000 while this song plays.
Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri
1:38 AJ and Jason smoke up in the park.
The Snow Angel
1:42 Jason rides his bike down the road through the pines after talking with Robin about his father, Luke.
Get On My Hype
1:57 First song at AJs party when Jason arrives.
Trap Door
1:58 Second song at the party as Jason sits on the couch. He starts making out with a girl before seeing the photo.
Fools Rhythm
2:01 Third song at the party when Jason realizes who AJs dad is. They get into a fight.
Fall Back
2:04 Song plays as AJ showers in his house. Jason breaks and threatens him with a gun.
The Wolves (Act I and II)
2:16 Song as Jason drives away. Plays into end credits.
Fratres for Cello and Piano
Fratres for Violin, Strings and Percussion
Fratres for Strings and Percussion
The Weight of Consequences
Kodo March

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