Drift (2013) Soundtrack 

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Johnny B. Good    Chuck Berry
0:06 First song when the boys go surfing after getting in trouble.   
Run Through the Jungle    Creedence Clearwater Revival
0:15 JB looks through the telescope on top of his car. Song continues as they hunt for crayfish.   
Rock And Roll, Part 2    Gary Glitter
0:20 Jimmy and Andy go surfing.   
Turn Up Your Radio    The Master's Apprentices
0:26 Song as the brothers start making their own surfboards.   
I Don't Need You No More    1 The J. Geils Band
0:36 Montage as they travel around showing their film.   
Govinda    Kula Shaker
0:43 Song as they smoke weed and get high. Continues at the party on the beach.   
I'm Alive    Simon Greaves
Only Good For Conversation    Rodriguez
0:46 Song plays after the bikies leave the party.   
I'm Alive    Gyan
0:48 Third song at the beach party as they sit around the fire. Andy wakes up with Lani.   
Gold On the Ceiling    1 The Black Keys
0:53 Song after the open up the new store and go surfing.   
20th Century Boy    T. Rex
1:30 Song during the surfing competition.   
Endless Summer    1 The Jezabels
1:41 JB plays this song in his van when he leaves. First song during end credits.   
Sunshine    mammals
1:47 Second song during end credits.   
The Jump    Nathaniel Joyce

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