Trance (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Rick Smith
Official Soundtrack 16 Songs
Credited Songs 6 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Chanson d\'amour (Song of Love)    Art & Dotty Todd
0:39 Song plays in the open-top car during Elizabeth\'s hypnotherapy of Simon.   
Sandman    Kirsty McGee
0:54 Song after Franck and Elizabeth talk in bed after they have sex.   
The Day    Moby
1:00 Song as Elizabeth walks out completely naked for Simon. She knows of his obsession.   
Moving On Up    M People
1:13 Song plays in the room to conceal the noise. Simon comes back up and shoots all 3 of them.   
Here It Comes    Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith
1:32 Last song as the car sinks into the water. Franck receives a video from Elizabeth in the mail. Song plays into end credits.   
Hold My Hand    UNKLE


1 Chanson d\'amour (Song of Love) Art & Dotty Todd
2 Bullet Cut Rick Smith
3 Solomon Rick Smith
4 Here It Comes Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith
5 Cannon Fall Rick Smith
6 Sandman Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kirsty McGee
7 Raw Umber Rick Smith
8 The Day Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Moby
9 Santiago (101 Greatest Goals) Rick Smith
10 Hold My Hand UNKLE
11 Bring It To Me Rick Smith
12 Moving On Up Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio M People
13 Soho Dim Sum Rick Smith
14 You Knew Rick Smith
15 The Heist Rick Smith
16 Sandman (I'll be There) Rosario Dawson & Rick Smith
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