• The Girl Next Door Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 24th 2004
  • Composer Paul Haslinger
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Complete List of Songs

Playing when Eli and Matthew enter the AV room to show Matthew the tape
0:01 Movie begins. Graduation photos. 'I Will Always Remember...' Matthew is trying to think of something to write in the graduation book.
0:04 Matthew remembers getting accepted into Uni. He is sitting in between Eli and Klitz staring at a girl bending over.
0:11 Matthew takes the garbage out and sees Danielle for the first time, she is walking in from her car.
Jump Into The Fire
0:17 Matthew chases Danielle after she leaves him naked in the street.
Something in the Air
0:18 Matthew and Danielle go to a restaurant/diner. Matthew asks her if she has a boyfriend. She asks him 'What's the craziest thing you've done lately?'
0:20 Danielle hands the picture she drew over to Matthew, and then they drive home together.
Take A Picture
0:21 Danielle waits outside Matthew's classroom. He leaves the classroom and jumps in the car with her as she drives away.
0:26 Danielle, Matthew, Klitz and Eli go to a party. Everyone is watching them as they walk in.
0:28 Plays in the background at the party
This Year's Love
0:29 Matthew kisses Danielle at the party.
If It Feels Good Do It
0:30 Matthew is walking down the hall at school confidently the day after he kisses Danielle.
Bendy Karate
0:31 Plays during Danielle's porno.
Dick Dagger's Theme
0:33 Song keeps playing as Matthew imagines Danielle perform sexual acts on his parents.
0:38 After Danielle finds out Matthew saw her porno tape. He walks down the hall at school looking depressed.
Break Down The Walls
0:40 Danielle's agent, Kelly is introduced. He walks out of the room as Matthew comes in to apologize to Danielle.
Dopes To Infinity
0:41 Matthew, Kelly and Danielle walk into the strip club.
Spin Spin Sugar (Radio Edit)
0:42 Plays in the strip club. He lights a cigar. He sees his dads friend, Mr. Peterson.
0:44 Matthew and Mr. Peterson get lap dances while talking about Matt's scholarship.
Song For A Blue Guitar
0:49 Matthew and Danielle say their goodbyes, Danielle leaves for Vegas, Matthew talks to Eli and Klitz in the diner.
Twilight Zone
0:50 Matthew, Eli and Klitz drive to Vegas
0:51 The three boys walk into the AVN convention
Mondo '77
0:52 Matthew spots Danielle across the room posing for pictures.
0:55 Matthew walks through a room where everyone is making out. Klitz and Eli act like they're directors.
0:58 Mule chases after Eli and Klitz when he finds out they're not directors.
Turn Of The Century
0:59 Matthew goes up to Danille and hands her the picture she drew in the diner. He tells her she's Better then this.
Stay In School
1:01 Kelly busts into Matthew's classroom and drags him out for convincing Danielle to quit.
1:08 Matthew steals the golden penis and runs out of Hugo's house. They drive to Matthew's speech.
Lady Marmalade
1:10 Matthew is high on ecstasy at his speech. He touches people and dances around.
Christmas Song
1:14 Matthew loses the scholarship.
Sweet Home Alabama
1:15 Matthew finds out Kelly took the $25000 for SamYongs visit.
1:18 Danielle persuades Matthew in her white nightdress.
What's Going On
1:20 Montage after Matthew decides to go through with the education tape. Danielle's friends arrive at the airport.
Hootchie Cootchie Man
1:21 Matthew arrives at Danielle's house and sees her in her prom dress. The porn stars are posing for pictures with Klitz.
1:22 Song when April and Ferrari kiss in limo. They enter the hall in slow motion.
1:23 They arrive at the prom and walk into the main room with the porn stars. Everyone is looking at them. The 3 jocks come over to talk to Matthew.
Everytime I Think Of You (I Get High)
1:25 Song playing as they make there way down the stays. One of the Jocks drops his release forms.
1:26 Matthew and Danielle dance at the prom. The crew are filming and running around downstairs for the porno.
Sparrows Over Birmingham
1:32 Matthew notices the lipstick mark from Danielle and decides not to go through with it.
1:33 They finish filming the movie and walk out of prom. The drive home in the limo.
Baba O'riley
1:41 Matthew narrates at the end of movie. Everything worked out well. His sex ed film is a best seller. Eli is a professional filmmaker. Klitz is at college.
Maybe You're Gone
1:44 2nd song played in end credits.
1:46 3rd song played in end credits

Official Soundtrack

The Girl Next Door Official Soundtrack
1 The Plan Paul Haslinger
2 Take A Picture Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Filter
3 Something in the Air Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Thunderclap Newman
4 Peeping Matt Paul Haslinger
5 Dick Dagger's Theme Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio PornoSonic
6 Dopes To Infinity Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Monster Magnet
7 Carpe Beachum Paul Haslinger
8 Electric Lady Land Fantastic Plastic Machine
9 Break Down The Walls Youth Of Today
10 Jump Into The Fire Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Harry Nilsson
11 Spin Spin Sugar (Radio Edit) The Sneaker Pimps
12 Get Naked Methods of Mayhem
13 The Killing Moon Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Echo and The Bunnymen
14 Big Muff Pepe Deluxe
15 Sparrows Over Birmingham Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Josh Rouse
16 Bank Meltdown Paul Haslinger
17 Think Twice Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band
18 Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd
19 The End Paul Haslinger

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