• The Girl Next Door Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 24th 2004
  • Composer Paul Haslinger
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Complete List of Songs

Playing when Eli and Matthew enter the AV room to show Matthew the tape
0:01 Movie begins. Graduation photos. 'I Will Always Remember...' Matthew is trying to think of something to write in the graduation book.
0:04 Matthew remembers getting accepted into Uni. He is sitting in between Eli and Klitz staring at a girl bending over.
0:11 Matthew takes the garbage out and sees Danielle for the first time, she is walking in from her car.
Jump Into The Fire
0:17 Matthew chases Danielle after she leaves him naked in the street.
Something in the Air
0:18 Matthew and Danielle go to a restaurant/diner. Matthew asks her if she has a boyfriend. She asks him 'What's the craziest thing you've done lately?'
0:20 Danielle hands the picture she drew over to Matthew, and then they drive home together.
Take A Picture
0:21 Danielle waits outside Matthew's classroom. He leaves the classroom and jumps in the car with her as she drives away.
0:26 Danielle, Matthew, Klitz and Eli go to a party. Everyone is watching them as they walk in.
0:28 Plays in the background at the party
This Year's Love
0:29 Matthew kisses Danielle at the party.
If It Feels Good Do It
0:30 Matthew is walking down the hall at school confidently the day after he kisses Danielle.
Bendy Karate
0:31 Plays during Danielle's porno.
Dick Dagger's Theme
0:33 Song keeps playing as Matthew imagines Danielle perform sexual acts on his parents.
0:38 After Danielle finds out Matthew saw her porno tape. He walks down the hall at school looking depressed.
Break Down The Walls
0:40 Danielle's agent, Kelly is introduced. He walks out of the room as Matthew comes in to apologize to Danielle.
Dopes To Infinity
0:41 Matthew, Kelly and Danielle walk into the strip club.
Spin Spin Sugar (Radio Edit)
0:42 Plays in the strip club. He lights a cigar. He sees his dads friend, Mr. Peterson.
0:44 Matthew and Mr. Peterson get lap dances while talking about Matt's scholarship.
Song For A Blue Guitar
0:49 Matthew and Danielle say their goodbyes, Danielle leaves for Vegas, Matthew talks to Eli and Klitz in the diner.
Twilight Zone
0:50 Matthew, Eli and Klitz drive to Vegas
0:51 The three boys walk into the AVN convention
Mondo '77
0:52 Matthew spots Danielle across the room posing for pictures.
0:55 Matthew walks through a room where everyone is making out. Klitz and Eli act like they're directors.
0:58 Mule chases after Eli and Klitz when he finds out they're not directors.
Turn Of The Century
0:59 Matthew goes up to Danille and hands her the picture she drew in the diner. He tells her she's Better then this.
Stay In School
1:01 Kelly busts into Matthew's classroom and drags him out for convincing Danielle to quit.
1:08 Matthew steals the golden penis and runs out of Hugo's house. They drive to Matthew's speech.
Lady Marmalade
1:10 Matthew is high on ecstasy at his speech. He touches people and dances around.
Christmas Song
1:14 Matthew loses the scholarship.
Sweet Home Alabama
1:15 Matthew finds out Kelly took the $25000 for SamYongs visit.
1:18 Danielle persuades Matthew in her white nightdress.
What's Going On
1:20 Montage after Matthew decides to go through with the education tape. Danielle's friends arrive at the airport.
Hootchie Cootchie Man
1:21 Matthew arrives at Danielle's house and sees her in her prom dress. The porn stars are posing for pictures with Klitz.
1:22 Song when April and Ferrari kiss in limo. They enter the hall in slow motion.
1:23 They arrive at the prom and walk into the main room with the porn stars. Everyone is looking at them. The 3 jocks come over to talk to Matthew.
Everytime I Think Of You (I Get High)
1:25 Song playing as they make there way down the stays. One of the Jocks drops his release forms.
1:26 Matthew and Danielle dance at the prom. The crew are filming and running around downstairs for the porno.
Sparrows Over Birmingham
1:32 Matthew notices the lipstick mark from Danielle and decides not to go through with it.
1:33 They finish filming the movie and walk out of prom. The drive home in the limo.
Baba O'riley
1:41 Matthew narrates at the end of movie. Everything worked out well. His sex ed film is a best seller. Eli is a professional filmmaker. Klitz is at college.
Maybe You're Gone
1:44 2nd song played in end credits.
1:46 3rd song played in end credits

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