Heavyweights (1995) Soundtrack 

Original Music J.A.C. Redford
Credited Songs 9 Songs
Contributor Mvcredsox87 level 1
Views 880 (Oct), 5302 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow
0:47 Played at the scene when Chris is sneakily selling snacks to Pat and the kids in the woods.
Saturday Night Song Available on Rdio Bay City Rollers
0:59 Song is played during the dance.
You Sexy Thing Song Available on Rdio Hot Chocolate
1:11 At the dance while Pat is talking to nurse Julie and then pours her a cup of punch.
Le Freak Song Available on Rdio Chic
1:22 Played while the kids are working out (perkisizing) at camp. Also played while the kids are getting weighed and measured and having their before and
Love Machine (Part 1) The Miracles
2:15 Pat and Tim start dancing to get all of the kids into it.
Hang Tough Crescent City Gold
2:17 The kids are playing softball against camp MVP.
Closer To Free Song Available on Rdio BoDeans
3:00 Played while Gerald walks home from school.
Camp Hope Concerto Paul Feig and The Camp Hope Kids
3:50 End Credits
Set The Wheels In Motion The Coyotes

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