Out Cold (2001) Soundtrack 

Original Music Michael Andrews
Credited Songs 27 Songs
Contributor Mvcredsox87 level 1
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Complete List of Songs

Anytime Eve 6
0:02 Played in the firsts scene we see Rick (Jason London). He snowboards down the mountain.   
Funk #49 James Gang
0:04 Played while all the guys hang out in the bar for the first time.   
In A Car Lefty
0:05 Jenny (A.J. Cook) walks into the bar.   
Makes No Difference Sum 41
0:07 Song plays while they crown \"This years king of the mountain\".   
Posters Jack Johnson
0:11 Rick walks Jenny home.   
Fall Line Song Available on Rdio Jack Johnson
0:19 Rick, Luke (Zach Galifianakis) and Pig Pen (Derek Hamilton) drive down the road.   
Island In the Sun Weezer
0:20 Played while Rick is telling Pig Pen about Anna (Caroline Dhavernas), the girl he met in Cancun. Also played on the juke box in the bar when Anna   
Bubble Toes Song Available on Rdio Jack Johnson
0:22 Played in the ski lodge while Jenny helps the kids tie their snow boots.   
Win Or Lose Foo Fighters
0:23 Played while Rick gives John (Lee Majors) a tour of the mountain.   
Hip Hop Thighs #17 Song Available on Rdio Ike Reilly
0:26 The guys are hanging out in the bar wearing their new uniforms.   
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Larry Hochman
0:27 Stumpy (David Koechner) is warning the guys that the mountain is changing for the worse and will never be the same again.   
Ev Rebahdee Song Available on Rdio Will.I.Am
0:28 Inga (Victoria Silvstedt), Johns daughter walks into the bar.   
Lipstick And Bruises Song Available on Rdio Lit
0:29 Inga plays it on the jukebox and dances to it. Also Anna walks into the bar.   
Baby Got Back Song Available on Rdio Sir Mix A Lot
0:31 Luke jokingly plays it on the jukebox when Anna tells him to play her and Ricks song. Also played later at the party. (57:42 in)   
Flake Song Available on Rdio Jack Johnson
0:33 Jenny sits at the restaurant waiting for Rick but he never shows up.   
King Of All Of The World Song Available on Rdio Old 97's
0:35 John tells Ted (Willie Garson) about all the new changes that are gonna happen on the mountain.   
Falling In Love Linn B
0:39 Pig Pen and Eric (Thomas Lennon) chat on a lesbian chat room on the computer thinking each other are girls.   
Green Light Girl Song Available on Rdio Doyle Bramhall II And Smokestack
0:39 Inga rides the bull.   
Hear You Me Song Available on Rdio Jimmy Eat World
0:46 Anna is leaving Ricks house.   
Everybody Have Fun Tonight Song Available on Rdio Wang Chung
0:52 Played at the grand opening of the new bar named The Powder Room.   
Cant Give You Anything (But My Love) Song Available on Rdio The Stylistics
0:53 Anna enters the new bar.   
Makin Money Song Available on Rdio Handsome Devil
0:55 Played while they party at either Luke, Pig Pen, Anthony (Flex Alexander) or Lances (David Denman) house. (They dont specify) also played at the end   
All Out Of Love Song Available on Rdio Air Supply
0:59 They show Luke and Pig Pen as the last two people at the party.   
These Things Looper
1:00 Played the morning after the party.   
For Anyone The Color Red
1:05 The guys get fired, evicted then decide to burn some memorable items.   
She Is Beautiful Song Available on Rdio Andrew W.K.
1:15 Played while they all sabotage Johns plan to sell the town.   

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