• Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 3rd 2013
  • Composer Heitor Pereira & Pharrell Williams
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Complete List of Songs

0:02 First song at the birthday party.
0:06 The minions are still enjoying themselves in paradise; "Kevin is taken to a secret lab."
Another Irish Drinking Song
0:32 The minions are drinking and singing this song.
Just a Cloud Away
0:43 Song at the mall when Margot stares at the boy near the fountain.
0:47 Eduardo dances to this song at his restaurant.
In the Summertime
0:50 Song as the minions are relaxing on the island.
0:56 Gru wakes up after his bad date happy.
Don't Stop the Party (feat. TJR)
1:03 Song as Gru takes the girls to the party.
Where Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)
1:04 Second song at the party, Gru tries to stop Antonio from dancing with Margot.
Echa Pa'lla (Manos Pa'rriba)
1:12 Song as Gru leaves the mall, he freezes Antonio because he is dancing with another girl.
1:27 The minions sing this song on the hill at the wedding.
1:29 Minions sing and DJ this song.
1:30 Song during end credits.
Finiculi Funicula
1:51 Gru is on his date with Shannon.
Cielito Lindo
2:09 Eduardo tries to impress the ladies with his salsa dancing.
Super Girl (feat. Jessie Payo)
the music security guard listening when Gru and Lucy go to the mall to search El Macho's restaurant
Italian Tarantella
Gru is on his date with Shannon.
Flor De Huevo (Son Locos)

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Halloween Theme - Main Title
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John Carpenter
Man With the Hex
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The Atomic Fireballs
Without Me
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