Mud (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music David Wingo
Official Soundtrack 29 Songs
Credited Songs 13 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Take You Away Lucero
0:14 First song as Ellis rides on the back of his dads truck.
Help Me, Rhonda The Beach Boys
0:15 Neckbone is listening to this song on the porch when Ellis meets him after his dad drops him. Again in end credits.
Davy Brown Song Available on Rdio Ben Nichols
0:53 The boys make their way to the hotel to try and deliver the note to Juniper.
In Fall Song Available on Rdio Dirty Three
0:57 Background music after the boys try to help Juniper in the motel room. They deliver the note and she kisses Elis on the head.
Everything You Need Lucero
0:59 Song as the boys try to collect everything Mud needs for the boat.
Alice Wading Dirty Three
This Night Song Available on Rdio Dirty Three
Sunday Beer Song Available on Rdio Smoke Up Johnny
The Kid Song Available on Rdio Ben Nichols
The Steez Sahtyre
Too Loud for Louisville Song Available on Rdio Smoke Up Johnny
One Beer Closer Red Beauvine and the Fine Swine
Snakebite Lucero


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