• Mud Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 26th 2013
  • Composer David Wingo
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Complete List of Songs

Take You Away
0:14 First song as Ellis rides on the back of his dads truck.
Help Me, Rhonda
0:15 Neckbone is listening to this song on the porch when Ellis meets him after his dad drops him. Again in end credits.
0:53 The boys make their way to the hotel to try and deliver the note to Juniper.
0:57 Background music after the boys try to help Juniper in the motel room. They deliver the note and she kisses Elis on the head.
Everything You Need
0:59 Song as the boys try to collect everything Mud needs for the boat.
Alice Wading
The Steez
Too Loud for Louisville

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Mud Official Soundtrack

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