• Disconnect Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 12th 2013
  • Composer Max Richter
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Complete List of Songs

Keep Everybody Warm
First song as Kyle walks through the video chat house.
0:03 Song during opening credits as the skateboarders urinate in the water bottles.
0:08 The two kids plan to send a fake message from a girl to Ben.
Birthday Boy
0:24 Nina meets up with Kyle at the skatepark.
0:28 Song as Shane is introduced to Kyles group of video chatters. He gets asked if he wants to get paid to jerk off.
0:38 Song when the photo of Ben is sent around school and the kids bully him.
American Daydream
0:40 Kyle and Nina smoke a joint in the bathroom.
Like a Dog (feat. Bryan Austin)
0:44 Song from Bens room as he tries to commit suicide.
Very Busy People
0:57 Kyle listens to this song on his headphones on the bus as Nina celebrates.
On the Nature of Daylight
1:22 Violin song during montage of all the different characters.
1:45 Final song as Bens sister plays this for him. Continues into end credits.
Written On the Sky
1:50 Second song during end credits.
Club Bub Dance
Restless Youth

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