• Only God Forgives Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 19th 2013
  • Composer Cliff Martinez
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Complete List of Songs

Only God Forgives
0:01 Opening credits score music. Title shot.
0:18 Chang sings this song on stage.
Crystal Checking In
0:20 Crystal checks into the hotel.
Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
0:23 Julian asks him why he killed his brother. No dialogue.
Sister, Pt. 1
0:33 Vision as Julian touches the Thai girl before getting up and confronting two men.
Chang and Sword
0:38 Score song on city skyline. Cuts to Chang training with his sword
0:47 After Julian yells at her to take off her dress.
0:55 The woman is singing this song to Julians brother before Chang arrives.
Ladies Close Your Eyes
0:59 Chang kills Julians brother after cutting his face up.
1:03 Song during Julian and Chang fight.
You're My Dream
1:23 Chang sings this song at the end of the movie. Plays into end credits.
Bride of Chang
Wanna Fight (Bonus Edition)
Bride of Chang (Mac Quayle Club Mix)
Time to Meet the Devil
Julian and the Body
Crystal and the Bodybuilders
Leave My Son In Peace
Mai Quits Masturbating
Put It Back On
Do As Thou Will

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