• Drinking Buddies Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 25th 2013
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits.
0:04 First song at the bar. Jill arrives.
Came Out of a Lady
0:05 Second song at the bar as they play pool.
Turns Around the Bottle
0:09 Luke plays this song on the stereo when Kate comes over. They start to kiss on the couch but he stops to get her gift.
0:12 Song at the event Kate organised. Chris is introduced to Luke.
0:15 Second song as Chris talks to Jill.
0:37 Kate and Luke go swimming together. Song continues as Chris drives the four of them back.
Cotton Strands
0:40 First song at the pub/bar after Kate and Chris break up.
High School Lover
0:41 Second song at the bar, Luke asks Kate outside for a smoke.
That's Not a Beat
0:43 Third song at the bar.
San Francisco
0:43 Fourth song at the bar as Luke asks Kate if she needs a ride home.
Borrowed Time
0:54 Song as Kate sits on the couch with Luke and Jill.
In the Darkness
1:03 Luke plays this song on his record player for Kate. They give each other a massage and fall asleep.
1:07 Luke helps Kate clean her apartment before she moves. He falls asleep in her bed.
It Soon Will Be Fire
1:20 Mike drives home after he fights with Kate during her move.
1:27 Song during end credits.

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