• Prince Avalanche Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 9th 2013
  • Composer Explosions in the Sky & David Wingo
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Complete List of Songs

First song as movie opens on the fires.
Theme From Prince Avalanche
0:03 Music as Alvin and Lance wake up and walk up the hill to start their day.
Bad Connection
0:06 Lance (Hirsch) stops Alvins (Rudd) language tapes and plays this song instead.
0:16 Music after the old man leaves them and they drive off.
0:20 Score music as the rain falls and they sleep in the tent.
0:26 Song after Lance leaves for the weekend, Alvin lies in the middle of the road before enjoying his time alone.
0:33 Alvin pretends to arrive home at one of the burnt down houses. Song continues when he goes fishing.
Can't We Just Listen To the Silence
0:39 Alvin asks about Lances weekend, and how it went with Maggie. Lance doesnt want to talk.
0:48 Lance goes swimming in the lake while Alvin reads his letter from Madison.
Loud N' Restless
0:52 Lance is listening to this song while painting his shoe yellow. The old man brings him drinks again.
The Lines On the Road That Lead You Back Home
1:02 Song as we hear the phone conversation between Alvin and Madison.
1:12 Alvin and Lance talk in the tent about Madisons new boyfriend.
1:16 Background music as Alvin and Lance start to get drunk and sing.
1:17 They both sing this song as they get drunk.
The Adventures of Alvin and Lance
1:25 Song as they pack up their stuff and drive home for the weekend.
1:29 Last song as they drive out. Plays into end credits.

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