• Grind Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 15th 2003
  • Composer Ralph Sall
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Complete List of Songs

More Than a Friend
First song.
Goin' Down On It
0:01 To The Skate Shop
True (Remastered)
0:10 "I'm Sheriff Bean"
Take It or Leave It
0:11 Chicago Demo
Stick 'Em Up
0:13 "...I Got 5 Bucks On Pepperoni!"
0:24 Chad Muska's Entourage
Fever For the Flava
0:27 Skatin' The Lot
0:30 Party Time!
Crazy Feeling Feat. Elephant Man
0:32 "Let Me Get You Another Glass Of B*tch..."
The Jump Off Remix (feat. Mr. Cheeks & Mobb Deep)
0:33 Sponsor Me...?
Bust a Move
0:34 "It's Our Song, Dude! C'mon!"
0:38 Pink Motel
0:39 Skatin' The Pool
These Walls
0:42 The Honeymoon Suite
Nothin' But a Good Time
0:44 "I Am So Sick Of This Butt Rock Music...I Need Some Beats, Dude!"
Stupid Little Fellow
0:47 10 Gut Bomb Chili Surprises & 5 Shakes
Smoke Two Joints
0:47 Animal Chin Skate Shop
Line & Sinker
0:49 School'd By A 7th Grader
0:58 Winnebago To Tucson
Fly from the Inside
1:05 Code Brown
Somewhere Special
1:07 Smellin' Like Turds
Too Bad About Your Girl
1:14 Clown Skating
1:16 Santa Monica Pro Jam
I'm Just a Kid
1:18 Pre-Registered??
1:19 Dream Team
1:21 The Kiss
1:23 Super Duper!
1:26 "I Just Don't Like You, Fool...Bounce"
Poetic Tragedy
1:33 Back In Chicago
Look What Happened
1:37 Song during End Credits
Clown Around
Rock n Roll Motherfucker

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