• This Is the End Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 12th 2013
  • Composer Henry Jackman
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Complete List of Songs

Ruff Ryders Anthem
0:02 Last song at movie.
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
0:04 First song as Jay and Seth get high. Also plays at the end; everyone dances to it in heaven.
Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight)
0:06 Seth and Jay get a taxi to James house warming party.
A Joyful Process
0:06 First song playing in Francos house.
0:08 Mindy talks about having sex with Michael Cera. He slaps Rhiannas ass.
0:09 Jay and Seth talk to Jonah Hill at the party.
Easy Fix
0:10 Song at the party as Jason talks with Kevin.
Disco 2000
0:10 Song by the pool as Emma Watson and Craig call Jay a hipster.
Love In the Old Days
0:11 Franco and Seth talk about a sequel to pineapple express at the party.
0:12 They sing this song at the party.
Go Outside
0:13 Song at the party when Jay asks where he can buy some cigarettes.
Please Save My Soul (feat. Pamela Landrum)
0:17 Song at the party when Jay and Seth arrive back after the \'earthquake\'.
Spiteful Intervention
0:18 Jay says he saw people get sucked up into the sky.
0:27 They get back inside the house and take an inventory of what supplies they have.
When the Sh-- Goes Down
0:33 Danny McBride wakes up the following morning, he cooks all the food.
Gangnam Style
0:42 Song plays when the guys are partying while they are high on drugs.
Paper Planes
0:43 Song plays during the making of the homemade sequel of Pineapple Express.
0:59 Song after they find the water bottles in the basement and celebrate.
Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, Bwv 565
1:22 The exorcism of Jonah Hill.
Hole In the Earth
1:29 James Seth and Jay are attacked in the car.
1:30 Danny McBride steps out of the van with his gimp.
I Will Always Love You
1:36 Jay and Seth are sucked up into heaven.
Spirit In the Sky
1:37 Seth and Jay arrive in heaven.
End of the Beginning
1:41 End credits.
She Got That Too

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