• Cadillac Records Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 5th 2008
  • Composer Terence Blanchard
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Complete List of Songs

Song plays during the opening credits. Also plays at 0:38.
0:06 First time Muddy Waters records a song. It\'s the first time he hears himself singing.
Forty Days and Forty Nights
0:26 Muddy Waters sings Forty Days and Forty Nights.
0:28 Little Walter plays Juke (after they finished recording Forty Days and Forty Nights.)
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
0:29 Willie Dixon talks about writing this song for Muddy Waters.
0:34 Little Walter sings My Babe. (Right after the scene where Muddy Waters offers him a drink.)
Smokestack Lightnin'
0:46 Howlin\' Wolf records Smokestack Lightnin\' at Chess Records.
I Can't Be Satisfied
0:52 The scene where Howlin\' Wolf hits a man on the head with a chair (to prevent him from shooting one of his former band members.)
0:55 Chuck Berry plays Maybelline in the studio of Chess Records.
No Particular Place to Go
0:57 Chuck Berry concert where black and white people dance together.
1:00 Willie Dixon talks about Chuck Berry\'s success.
Promised Land
1:00 Willie Dixon continues about Chuck Berry\'s success and how he was very careful with his money.
All I Could Do Was Cry
1:04 Etta James record All I Could Do Was Cry in the studio of Chess Records.
1:11 Scene where Chuck Berry discovers that the Beach Boys plagiarised his song Sweet Little Sixteen.
1:17 Etta Jamas records At Last.
Trust In Me
1:27 Starts at the scene where Chuck Berry is released from prison.
1:34 Song plays on the television as Muddy Waters prepares Little Walters\' clothes after his death.
I'd Rather Go Blind
1:36 Etta James sings this song for Leonard Chess after hearing that he\'s going to sell the record company.
Evolution of a Man
1:42 Song starts when Muddy Waters gets of the plane in the UK.
Once In a Lifetime
1:44 Song plays during the end credits.

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