Singles (1992) Soundtrack 

Original Music Paul Westerberg
Credited Songs 31 Songs
Contributor 3D_David level 1
Views 139 (Oct), 4306 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Waiting for Somebody Paul Westerberg
Opening Credits
State of Love and Trust Song Available on Rdio Pearl Jam
0:08 Cut to Linda and Debbie at club saying, \"We will always go out dancing...\" then Linda sees guy who supposedly left for Spain.
Dyslexic Heart Song Available on Rdio Paul Westerberg
0:12 Scene transition to Java Stop coffee shop
Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thornes Mother Love Bone
0:15 Steve and Dave are trying to find a club. David explains how he can put phone numbers into his watch and they eventually pick-up a mine and several
It Ain't Like That Song Available on Rdio Alice in Chains
0:17 Alice In Chains is performing this song live on stage at the club when Steve approaches Linda for first time
Would? Song Available on Rdio Alice in Chains
0:20 Alice In Chains continues to play on stage during interview with Cliff of the band Citizen Dick
Little Girl Song Available on Rdio Muddy Waters
0:21 After the club concert Steve runs into Linda again at the magazine stand
Radio Song Song Available on Rdio R.E.M.
0:27 Pan of Steve\'s wall of pictures from Linda\'s view
Family Affair Song Available on Rdio Sly & The Family Stone
0:28 Pan of Steve\'s vynil album covers while he and Linda continue to get to know each other
She Sells Sanctuary Song Available on Rdio The Cult
0:29 Flashback as Linda is telling story how she met pretentious boyfriend at a \"Safe Sex Party\" and this song is playing
May This Be Love The Jimi Hendrix Experience
0:30 Steve and Linda are doing dishes, this is playing on his stereo it catches her ear she says, \"Oh I love this song.\" And they almost kiss,
Three Days Song Available on Rdio Jane's Addiction
0:35 End of Steve and Linda\'s sex scene transitioning into Janet\'s Hourglass Syndrome section
Breath Pearl Jam
0:38 Pan of naked pictures on Cliff\\\'s wall before Jane asks him if her breasts are too small
Touch Me I'm Sick Song Available on Rdio Mudhoney
0:41 Janet puts up planned breast enlargement picture on fridge and is dancing to slightly different version called \"Touch Me I\'m Dick\"
Dig for Fire Song Available on Rdio Pixies
0:47 Playing in the background when Debbie goes into Expect the Best video dating service.
Spoonman Song Available on Rdio Soundgarden
0:51 Playing as Cliff is severely stapling up a flyer for Citizen Dick on a telephone pole.
Breath Pearl Jam
1:10 Playing in car background right before accident.
Jinx Song Available on Rdio Tad
1:14 Cliff trying to get Janet back installs a new stereo in her car and proceeds to crank it up so loud it blows out the car windows.
Birth Ritual Song Available on Rdio Soundgarden
1:15 Their relationship on hiatus Steve goes back out to the clubs Soundgarden is performing this song live on stage
Seasons Chris Cornell
1:22 Steve gets turned down by Seattle Mayor and he returns to his office dejected.
Blue Train Song Available on Rdio John Coltrane
1:25 Pan shot of Steve\'s piled up mail, pizza boxes and other take-out food after quitting his job with the failure of his super train project.
Drown Song Available on Rdio Smashing Pumpkins
1:30 Janet turns down Steve\'s awkward advances and transitions into Cliff trying to get Janet back.
Bastards of Young Song Available on Rdio The Replacements
1:34 Steve and Linda get back together and begin making out on the couch
Dyslexic Heart Song Available on Rdio Paul Westerberg
1:37 Closing Credits
Hey Joe Billy Roberts
Heart and Lungs Truly
Overblown Mudhoney
Battle of Evermore The Lovemongers
Nearly Lost You Song Available on Rdio Screaming Trees
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding Song Available on Rdio Nick Lowe
Bring the Noise Song Available on Rdio Public Enemy

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