Kick-Ass 2 (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson
Official Soundtrack 36 Songs
Credited Songs 15 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Yeah Yeah    James Flannigan
0:05 First song as Dave (Kick-Ass) starts training with Mindy (Hit Girl)   
I Hate Myself for Loving You    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
0:13 Song as Hit Girl races her motorbike home to try and beat Marcus.   
Carry You    Union J, Steve Mac, Joshua Cuthbert, Jamie Hamblett, James Hensley, George Shelley, Chris Laws, Steve Pearce & Paul Gendler
0:24 The girls watch the Union J song in Brookes room.   
Pussy Drop    Lemon
0:31 Brooke dances to this song at school.   
Dance    Danko Jones
0:33 Mindy dances to this song at school by pretending to fight off ninjas.   
A Minha Menina    The Bees
0:35 Kick-Ass and Night Bitch have sex in the bathroom stall.   
When The Saints Go Marching In    St. Snot
0:40 Colonel Stars and Stripes and his crew hit the chinese mafia poker game.   
Korobeiniki    Ozma
1:04 Mother Russia goes on her cop killing rampage outside Night Bitches house.   
Danger    Marco Polo & Torae
1:10 The Motherfuckers evil lair.   
Motherquake (feat. Dominique Young Unique)    DJ Fresh & Diplo
1:20 The Motherfucker talks at his evil lair before Kick-Ass arrives.   
No Strings    Chlöe Howl & Eg White
Euphoria, Take My Hand    Glasvegas, James Allan, Rab Allan, Paul Donoghue & Echo
Hero    Jessie J
Nobody Move    Hanni El Khatib
Bust Out Brigade    The Go! Team

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