• The Bling Ring Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 21st 2013
  • Composer Daniel Lopatin
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Complete List of Songs

Crown On the Ground
0:01 First song as they break into the house, opening credits.
Cotton Candy
0:03 Song when Marc tries to sell his watches.
9 Piece (feat. Lil Wayne)
0:08 Song as Marc drives to the beach after school with the girls.
Live from the Underground
0:09 Song at Rebeccas house; boys are smoking bongs on the couch, while she talks with Marc in her room.
0:10 Flashes of Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton etc.
Sunshine (feat. M.I.A.)
0:15 Rebecca and Marc go shopping after stealing the Porsche.
212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
0:17 Song at the club with Marc and the girls.
Drakkar Noir
0:22 Flashes of Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton etc.
Hell of a Night
0:25 Rebecca and Marc brag about breaking into Paris Hiltons house.
0:26 Nicki and Chloe try on clothes for Marc.
0:30 Nicki (Emma Watson) pole dances at Paris Hiltons house.
0:31 Song at the club after they leave Paris Hiltons.
Bad Girls
0:31 Song playing in the car when they leave the club. They get hit by another car.
Drop It Low (feat. Chris Brown)
0:32 Marc smokes weed in his room while listening to this song.
All of the Lights
0:35 First song after they steal the car with cocaine in it.
Arabic Princess
0:38 They try on clothes after robbing another house.
0:43 They break into Orlando Blooms house.
Money Machine
0:48 Song when Marc tries to sell his watches.
0:50 Song after Marc sells the watches and they all take photo of themselves with the cash in the club.
0:52 The five of them walk down the street in their new outfits. They go to Hiltons again.
0:55 Background music after their break-in is aired on TV.
0:57 Song at the party after they go to Rachel Bilsons.
0:58 Techno song at the club as they dance and do cocaine. Continues during the arrests.
1:22 First song during end credits.
Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
1:23 Second song during end credits.
Disintegration, Pt. IV
Tunnel Monteverdi
Showers of Ink

Official Soundtrack

Trailer Music

Crown On the Ground
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Sleigh Bells
212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
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Azealia Banks

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