The Bling Ring (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Daniel Lopatin
Official Soundtrack 17 Songs
Credited Songs 29 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Crown On the Ground    Sleigh Bells
0:01 First song as they break into the house, opening credits.   
9 Piece (feat. Lil Wayne)    Rick Ross
0:08 Song as Marc drives to the beach after school with the girls.   
Live from the Underground    Big K.R.I.T.
0:09 Song at Rebeccas house; boys are smoking bongs on the couch, while she talks with Marc in her room.   
Sunshine (feat. M.I.A.)    Rye Rye
0:15 Rebecca and Marc go shopping after stealing the Porsche.   
212 (feat. Lazy Jay)    Azealia Banks
0:17 Song at the club with Marc and the girls.   
Drakkar Noir    Phoenix
0:22 Flashes of Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton etc.   
Hell of a Night    Schoolboy Q
0:25 Rebecca and Marc brag about breaking into Paris Hiltons house.   
Gucci Bag    Reema Major
0:26 Nicki and Chloe try on clothes for Marc.   
Big Lights    Sammy Adams
0:30 Nicki (Emma Watson) pole dances at Paris Hiltons house.   
Dans Beat    Brian Reitzell
0:31 Song at the club after they leave Paris Hiltons.   
Bad Girls    M.I.A.
0:31 Song playing in the car when they leave the club. They get hit by another car.   
Drop It Low (feat. Chris Brown)    Ester Dean
0:32 Marc smokes weed in his room while listening to this song.   
All of the Lights    Kanye West
0:35 First song after they steal the car with cocaine in it.   
Arabic Princess    Reema Major
0:38 They try on clothes after robbing another house.   
Halleluwah    Can
0:43 They break into Orlando Blooms house.   
Money Machine    2 Chainz
0:48 Song when Marc tries to sell his watches.   
Levels    Avicii
0:50 Song after Marc sells the watches and they all take photo of themselves with the cash in the club.   
Power    Kanye West
0:52 The five of them walk down the street in their new outfits. They go to Hiltons again.   
Locomotion    Plastikman
0:55 Background music after their break-in is aired on TV.   
Everythang    Young Jeezy
0:57 Song at the party after they go to Rachel Bilsons.   
FML    deadmau5
0:58 Techno song at the club as they dance and do cocaine. Continues during the arrests.   
Bankrupt!    Phoenix
1:22 First song during end credits.   
Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)    Frank Ocean
1:23 Second song during end credits.   
Cotton Candy    Brian Reitzell
Ouroboros    Oneohtrix Point Never
Freeze    Klaus Schulze
Disintegration, Pt. IV    Bassnectar
Tunnel Monteverdi    Phoenix
Showers of Ink    Loscil


1 Crown On the Ground Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Sleigh Bells
2 9 Piece (feat. Lil Wayne) Rick Ross
3 Sunshine (feat. M.I.A.) Rye Rye
4 212 (feat. Lazy Jay) Azealia Banks
5 Ouroboros Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Oneohtrix Point Never
6 Money Machine Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 2 Chainz
7 Bad Girls M.I.A.
8 All of the Lights Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kanye West
9 Drop It Low (feat. Chris Brown) Ester Dean
10 Gucci Bag Reema Major
11 Halleluwah Can
12 Power Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kanye West
13 Freeze Klaus Schulze
14 FML Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio deadmau5
15 The Bling Ring Suite Brian Reitzell & Daniel Lopatin
16 Bankrupt! Phoenix
17 Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) Frank Ocean
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