• The Way Way Back Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 5th 2013
  • Composer Rob Simonsen
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Complete List of Songs

For the Time Being
0:03 First song in the car as they drive down to the beach house.
0:13 Kip and Joan are singing this song when Duncan walks in.
Can't Fight This Feeling
0:13 Duncan is singing this song on the top of Trents car.
Out the Door
0:21 Duncan goes for his first ride on the bike down to the pizza shop. Owen is playing pac man.
Come and See
0:29 Duncan rides his bike to the water wizz park.
0:39 Duncan and Owen go down the waterslide together after the girl in the yellow bikini.
Young Blood
0:41 Song as Owen gives Duncan a ride home from the water park.
0:51 The kids are dancing to this song at the water park. Duncan has to break it up but they make him dance.
New Sensation
0:55 Montage as Duncan starts working at the water park.
If You Need Some (Come and Get Some)
1:11 Song at the gathering on the beach. Duncan confronts and yells at Trent in front of everyone.
Sneakin' Sally through the Alley
1:16 First song when Peter and Duncan show up at water wizz party. Peter shows Owen his eye.
Young At Heart (feat. The Rondo Brothers)
1:18 Second song at Louis\' farewell party.
1:20 Song as everyone starts dancing at the farewell party.
1:22 Briefly played as the farewell party comes to an end.
Power Hungry Animals
1:27 Duncan and his family pack up and leave the beach house. He runs out of the car at the gas station.
1:34 Final song in the car. Pam jumps in the back seat with Duncan.
Go Where the Love Is
1:35 First song during end credits.
Running Wild
This Is No Place For A Fox Like You
Pack of Dogs
Bringin' It Home
Apathy Junky

Official Soundtrack

The Way Way Back Official Soundtrack
The Way Way Back Official Soundtrack

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