• The Lifeguard Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 30th 2013
  • Composer Fred Avril
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Complete List of Songs

Still High For Now
0:04 First song during opening credits as Leigh leaves for her home town. Also second end credits song.
Back to the Start
0:10 Leigh arrives home and goes to her old school.
So So Freely
0:12 Leigh and Mel drive home together after a smoke.
Outside Place
0:34 Song when Leigh, Mel and Todd go driving around the hills.
0:46 They sneak into the pool at night. Jason and Leigh have sex in the bathroom.
Chemicals Collide
0:54 Song as Jason and Leigh start hanging out and having sex all the time.
1:03 Song as they drive home from the woods.
Hawthorne to Hennepin
1:16 Song after Leigh and Mel fight at the pool.
1:22 Leigh walks into the pool clothed and walks back home. She finds her cat in the house extension.
Swim Until You Can't See Land
1:32 Leigh drives back home. Song plays into end credits.
Teignmouth Electron
Escenas de un Restaurante Mexicano
Spell of Defeat

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