The First Time (2012) Soundtrack 

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Complete List of Songs

Silly Boy Song Available on Rdio 1 The Blue Van
First song during opening credits at the party.
Teenage Daydream The Nights
0:02 Background party music as Dave and Aubrey talk.
We're #1 Song Available on Rdio The World Record
0:04 Another background song coming from the party.
Mama Song Available on Rdio Sorta
0:06 Song coming from the party as Dave reads his speech to Aubrey.
Lonely Soul The Nights
0:08 Song heard coming from the party.
Oh My Love The Concretes
0:10 Aubrey and Dave dance outside the party before the cops car.
Out of Touch Liz Borden & the Axes
0:13 Music from the car as they pull up while Dave and Aubrey walk home from the party.
If It Be Your Will Song Available on Rdio Leonard Cohen
0:16 Aubrey plays this song from her record collection for Dave as they drink wine.
Trouble Song Available on Rdio Wait. Think. Fast.
0:24 Dave tells his friends about Aubrey at the diner the morning after.
The End Song Available on Rdio Best Coast
0:26 In the car while they try to find Aubreys number.
Head Spin Song Available on Rdio Jamestown Story
0:30 Song from the Ronnys car as Aubrey gets in. He says he might not be much fun tonight.
I Cannot Love You Song Available on Rdio Telekinesis
0:39 First song at the party they go to after the movie. Ronny talks about society.
Can't Stop Thinking Song Available on Rdio Buva
0:40 Song at the party when Aubrey goes outside and talks to Jane by the pool.
Come On The Wind
0:43 Dave and Ronny talk inside at the party about Aubrey.
Anne With an E Song Available on Rdio The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
0:52 Dave drives home after he leaves Jane at the house. He gets a text from Aubrey asking to pick her up and they drive around.
Wait for Me Song Available on Rdio Motopony
1:04 Dave and Aubrey make out in her room to this song.
Vampire's Kiss Song Available on Rdio John Gold
1:17 Dave leaves Aubreys after the have sex for the first time.
Til the Morning Song Available on Rdio Bahamas
1:23 Aubrey wakes up in the morning and goes downstairs and tells her parents she met a boy.
Girls Like You The Naked and Famous
1:28 Aubrey plays her mix tape in the car for Dave as he drops her to school.
Sweet Louise Song Available on Rdio The Belle Brigade
1:30 Aubrey runs back to kiss Dave outside school. Plays into end credits.
Diamond Eyes Song Available on Rdio Michael Haggins
In Your Mind Song Available on Rdio Phonograph
Come and Go (Featuring Danica Rozelle) Song Available on Rdio KU
Coming Home The Pete Kilpatrick Band

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