• The First Time Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 19th 2012
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits at the party.
Teenage Daydream
0:02 Background party music as Dave and Aubrey talk.
0:04 Another background song coming from the party.
0:06 Song coming from the party as Dave reads his speech to Aubrey.
Lonely Soul
0:08 Song heard coming from the party.
0:10 Aubrey and Dave dance outside the party before the cops car.
0:13 Music from the car as they pull up while Dave and Aubrey walk home from the party.
If It Be Your Will
0:16 Aubrey plays this song from her record collection for Dave as they drink wine.
0:24 Dave tells his friends about Aubrey at the diner the morning after.
0:26 In the car while they try to find Aubreys number.
0:30 Song from the Ronnys car as Aubrey gets in. He says he might not be much fun tonight.
I Cannot Love You
0:39 First song at the party they go to after the movie. Ronny talks about society.
Can't Stop Thinking
0:40 Song at the party when Aubrey goes outside and talks to Jane by the pool.
0:43 Dave and Ronny talk inside at the party about Aubrey.
0:52 Dave drives home after he leaves Jane at the house. He gets a text from Aubrey asking to pick her up and they drive around.
Wait for Me
1:04 Dave and Aubrey make out in her room to this song.
Vampire's Kiss
1:17 Dave leaves Aubreys after the have sex for the first time.
Til the Morning
1:23 Aubrey wakes up in the morning and goes downstairs and tells her parents she met a boy.
1:28 Aubrey plays her mix tape in the car for Dave as he drops her to school.
1:30 Aubrey runs back to kiss Dave outside school. Plays into end credits.
In Your Mind
Come and Go (Featuring Danica Rozelle)

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