• The World's End Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 23rd 2013
  • Composer Steven Price
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Complete List of Songs

0:04 Opening credits song.
0:15 Gary sings this song in the car when he picks up the guys.
0:16 They arrive in Newhaven and are pulled over immediately.
So Young
0:19 They leave their hotel and walk to the first pub.
The Only One I Know
0:24 They arrive at the second pub, The Old Familiar.
Do You Remember the First Time?
0:24 Andy asks about Garys moms funeral at the old familiar.
What You Do To Me
0:28 Song as they make their way to the third pub, the cock.
0:29 Gary is banned for life from the third pub.
0:30 Song playing in the 4th pub. They talk about their new years night back in the day.
This Is How It Feels
0:34 They all tell Gary they\'re going home at the 4th pub. Gary heads to the bathroom.
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
0:43 They walk to the Good Companions after deciding to finish the golden mile; the whole town stares at them.
Wear Your Love Like Heaven
0:50 At the pub when Gary takes Sam into the disabled toilets to tell her about the town.
Step Back In Time
0:55 They arrive at the club.
Join Our Club
0:59 Song as Sam spots her high school crush Adrianne at the club.
Here's Where the Story Ends
1:02 Guy Shephard buys them all beers at The Beehive and tells them about joining them.
20 Seconds To Comply
1:04 Song during the big bar fight at the Beehive.
1:10 Second song during end credits.
1:39 End credits song.
Summer's Magic
The Only Rhyme That Bites
Old Red Eyes Is Back
Come Home
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

Official Soundtrack

The World's End Official Soundtrack
1 Loaded 0
Primal Scream
2 There's No Other Way 0
3 I Put This On a Tape For You 0
Simon Pegg & Paddy Considine
4 I'm Free 0
The Soup Dragons
5 Step On 0
Happy Mondays
6 Was the Music Too Loud? 0
Steve Oram & Simon Pegg
7 So Young 0
8 Old Red Eyes Is Back 0
The Beautiful South
9 A Humble Taproom 0
Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
10 Come Home 0
11 Do You Remember the First Time? 0
12 Welcome 0
Simon Pegg
13 What You Do To Me 0
Teenage Fanclub
14 Fools Gold 0
The Stone Roses
15 Get a Life 0
Soul II Soul
16 We Have Changed 0
Nick Frost
17 This Is How It Feels 0
Inspiral Carpets
18 Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) 0
The Doors
19 Wear Your Love Like Heaven 0
Definition of Sound
20 This Is What the Kids Want 0
Simon Pegg & Martin Freeman
21 Step Back In Time 0
Kylie Minogue
22 Join Our Club 0
Saint Etienne
23 I Hate This Town 0
Nick Frost
24 20 Seconds To Comply 0
Silver Bullet
25 This Corrosion 0
The Sisters of Mercy
26 Happy Hour 0
The Housemartins
27 Let's Boo Boo 0
Simon Pegg & Paddy Considine

Trailer Music

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