• A Case Of You Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 6th 2013
  • Composer Mateo Messina
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Complete List of Songs

Marathon Runner
First song, opening credits.
Midnight Love Song
0:04 Song as Sam walks into the coffee shop in the morning.
0:21 Sam gets a guitar lesson, then heads to the book store to read up and learn Birdies interests.
Diamonds and Rust
0:25 Sam is listening to this song while playing guitar and cooking.
0:27 Sam runs into Birdie at the improv show on purpose.
Mister Sister
0:31 Song as Sam cooks Birdie dinner, but she never arrives.
0:37 Sam drinks Bourbon at the bar. Continues as he writes more of his novel, and he gets a pedicure with Birdie.
0:40 Live song at the bar as Nick arrives and meets Sam.
The Storms Are On the Ocean
0:43 Birdie sings this song with Nick.
She Lit a Fire
0:46 Song as they drive out to the retreat.
0:58 Song plays as Sam continues to play along and pretend to be someone else.
1:13 Song after Sam and Birdie get into a fight. He goes home and continues to write.
1:24 Last song as they dance together. Plays into end credits.
It's Not for Me to Say

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