Best Man Down (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Mateo Messina
Credited Songs 11 Songs
Contributor tomm098 level 5   admin
Views 317 (May), 11759 (Total)
User Questions 1

Complete List of Songs

Boo    1 Dante
First song, opening credits. Opens at the wedding.   
Funky Cold Medina    Tone-Loc
0:02 Lumpy tries to get Scott and Kristen to do a shot as they dance at the wedding.   
Mony Mony    Billy Idol
0:04 Song at the wedding as they all start dancing. Lumpy gets very drunk.   
Round and Round    Ratt
0:06 Lumpy sings this song in his room after the wedding.   
Come Home    CHAPPO
0:20 Ramsay goes to the grocery store and steals some cough tablets.   
Well OK, Honey    Jenny O.
0:28 Scott and Kristin go into the restaurant. Again when they drive to Lutsen to find Ramsay.   
It's Him!    White Denim
0:40 Ramsay is listening to this song on the couch when Lumpy knocks on the door and asks to cut through her property.   
Vienna    Matt Costa
1:06 They drive home to the funeral with Ramsay in the car.   
Game Shows    Plants and Animals
1:12 Song as Scott and Kristen drive around and try to find Ramsay.   
Come Back to Us    Release The Sunbird
1:26 Song during end credits.   
Don't Shake His Hand    J.M. Logan

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Questions (1) Ask Question

Tommaso_D'Emmanuele level 1 | 3 months ago
Hi everybody! Can someone find the guitar theme of this movie? It's also played at the end, within the credits, after the song "Come back to us". Thank you for any help! Thomas