• Battle of the Year Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 20th 2013
  • Composer Christopher Lennertz
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Complete List of Songs

Free Falling
0:07 First song as Jason starts watching the battle tapes.
In the City
0:14 Dante and Jason watch the crew dance, before Jason kicks them out.
Need a Captain
0:30 They pick teams and battle with each other.
0:36 Song as the team start training.
0:43 Song as they continue training after Rooster and Flipz fight.
Fast Man (Z-Trip Remix)
0:47 First song at the USA v Russia Battle Royale.
Temperature is Rising
0:54 Rooster is dancing to this song when Flipz come in and tries to talk to him.
Dream Team Is In the House
1:03 The final 13 practice their opening move on the court.
Tough Break
1:03 The top 13 are told their going to France.
Rollover D.J.
1:07 Song at the airport as they board their plane to the battle of the year.
1:09 Song as the team sightsee around France.
1:11 First song at the launch party, the DJ introduces the song.
Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker
1:11 Second song at the launch party when a fight breaks out.
Les Cités Bleues
1:12 Jason and Stacey have dinner in France.
1:17 Opening team, Germany dance to this song at the battle.
Korean Battle
1:18 The Koreans dance to this song at the battle.
Give It Up or Turn It Loose (In the Jungle Groove Remix)
1:23 Second song the dream team dance to.
Sing, Sing, Sing
1:23 Dream Team dance to this song at the battle.
1:23 Another song during dream teams dance.
Soul Makossa
1:24 Another song during the Dream Teams opening dance.
1:24 Another song during their dance.
Treat ‘Em Right
1:25 Another song during their dance.
Know the Ledge
1:25 Another song during their dance.
Universal Mind Control (UMC)
1:26 Song during their performance while they are blindfolded.
As Your Friend (feat. Chris Brown)
1:44 End credits song.
Breakers Dedication Recall 2013
When chris brown was practicing alone
Back n Forth
Zg Freestyle Throwback #2
Celebrity Mashup
B Boyin Freak Freakin!!!!
Dirty Weather

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