• He's Just Not That Into You Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 2nd 2009
  • Composer Cliff Eidelman
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Complete List of Songs

0:02 Conor and Gigi are having dinner at a restaurant. A waiter asks them if they want another drink.
0:08 Neil picks up Ben at the grocery shops after speaking to Anna
Don't You Want Me
0:13 Gigi\'s ringtone, she answers and its her mum whilst shes in the shower.
Supernatural Superserious
0:16 Gigi goes to a bar to try and casually run into Conor.
Little Thing You Do
0:18 Gigi comes to the bar and speaks to Alex about meeting Conor.
0:24 Anna speaks to Mary whilst getting their nails done/pedicure. They're talking about marriage.
Stay With Me (By The Sea)
0:27 Conor is giving Anna a foot massage on the couch. They are talking about being cute or sexy, and funny or smart.
0:33 Gigi and Janine having drinks at a bar and talk to a guy a bar. Gigi and the guy exchange numbers.
Buscando Olvidar
0:41 Janine comes home to construction, this song is playing on the radio.
I Can Feel The Fire
0:42 Gigi calls the bar to speak to Alex for advice about the guy she met at the bay during happy hour.
Send It On
0:51 Gigi is kissing a date at his house when he tells her he's going to be out of touch for the next few days. She calls Alex in the bathroom for advice.
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
0:53 Gigi gets off the phone with Alex and makes the guy wait while she wastes time in the Bathroom. Ben and Neil go out on the boat and talk about Janine and Beth.
By Your Side
0:57 Gigi sits at a bar and waits to meet the blind date that Alex set her up with.
I Must Be High
0:59 2nd song that plays at the bar with Gigi and Alex. Alex is talking about 'the spark' and sharing his dating knowledge with Gigi.
You Make It Real
1:06 Neil is in Anna's bedroom talking in bed about cheating on his wife with other women.
1:17 Neil and Janine leave the hardware store. Bridesmaids walk down the aisle, and Beth walks down with a dog.
If I Never See Your Face Again
1:19 Plays in the background at Alex's party. Gigi talks to a gay couple about liking Alex.
1:20 Beth dances at her sister's wedding with Dominic, and talk about Neil and her relationship.
Fruit Machine
1:23 Gigi acts like co-host at Alex's party, refilling snacks and refreshments.
I Got A Woman
1:28 Beth is at home looking after her father after his heart attack and cleaning around the house.
1:38 Song when Gigi calls and pays bills to cut drama out of her life. Gigi gets a call from Bill the blind date that stood her up last time with Alex.
Somewhere Only We Know
1:52 Gigi arrives home after her date with Bill. Alex comes to her door and gives Gigi a pen. They kiss outside her door.
Love, Save The Empty
1:59 Beth and Neil get married on his sailing boat, Anna sings in a studio, Ben lines up at the grocery store, Janine unpacks in her new house, Gigi and Alex play a game with friends.
Friday I\'m In Love
2:03 Song during end credits.
Can't Hardly Wait
Her Look At Night
I Want You
Kim's Waltz
Original Music for He's Just Not That Into You
Sophisticated Lady
Tito's Samba
Worried About My Baby

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