• Carrie Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 18th 2013
  • Composer Marco Beltrami
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Complete List of Songs

Ends of the Earth
0:18 Song while Sue and Tommy are having sex in the car.
0:20 Song playing as Chris, Tina and Billy talk about Carrie and make her a fake online profile.
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
0:21 Carries mother sings this song as she cuts fabric.
0:39 Tommy talks to Carrie in the school cafeteria. He asks her to prom.
Let Me Go
0:53 Sue is hanging decorations for the prom on the ladder in the auditorium. Song plays before she vomits.
0:55 Song as the girls and boys prepare for prom.
His Amazing Grace
1:00 Carrie plays this song on the radio to muffle her mother in the closet as Tommy arrives.
1:01 Song as they walk into prom.
Live for the Night
1:02 Upbeat dance song at the prom.
1:04 Slow song at the prom. Carrie and Tommy dance.
All the Days
1:07 They get ready to announce the king and queen of prom.
Take a Walk
1:09 Song at the prom as they rig the votes for king and queen.
I Can Hardly Make You Mine
1:34 First song during end credits.

Official Soundtrack

Carrie Official Soundtrack
Carrie Official Soundtrack

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