• Filth Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 4th 2013
  • Composer Clint Mansell
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Complete List of Songs

Winter Wonderland
First song during opening credits.
0:08 They talk about the promotion in the car.
0:13 Song as Bruce has sex and pictures different women.
99 Luftballons
0:45 Bruce and Bladesey, German vacation montage.
Born to Be Wild
Back Door Santa
The Little Drummer Boy
Don't You Want Me (feat. Jomanda)
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
Mr. Vain Recall
It's My Life
It's All Over Me
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Good King Wenceslas
Silver Lady
Carole is in a taxi with David Soul and they sing along
Merry Christmas Everyone
At the end when Bruce sends a video tape to Clifford and prepares to hang himself
Love Really Hurts Without You

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