• Holes Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 23rd 2003
  • Composer Joel McNeely
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Complete List of Songs

Dig It
Movie opens with kids digging
Eyes Down
0:05 Stanley is traveeling on the bus to camp green lake, after the court scene
Down To The Valley
0:16 Stanley is digging his first hole. Sun rises.
0:20 Playing on the radio when Mr. Sir is driving out to refill their canteens.
Mighty Fine Blues
0:25 Stanley is narrating a letter to his mother, describing what he does everyday.
0:35 Armpit is dancing when they all walk out.
Keep 'N It Real
0:38 After Stanley gives X-Ray the bullet he found in his hole.
0:39 Sampled in previous song, \"Honey\"
0:39 When they call the warden down to take a look at the bullet.
I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
0:41 after they find the hole, the warden is making them all build bigger holes around the where they found the bullet
Just Like You
0:47 Sam is rowing his boat with onions, it starts to rain, he then kisses Ms. Kathryn in the schoolhouse
Everybody Pass Me By
0:53 When Mr. Sir turns around after he realises they stole his sunflower seeds
He's A Mighty Good Leader
0:59 after Mr. Sir gets angry when a kid asks him what happened to his face
1:12 Stanley steals Mr. Sirs car and tries to drive away.
Don\'t Give Up
1:18 Stanley and Zero are climbing the cliff, \'Gods Thumb\'
1:46 Movie ends. Cast is shown
Cowgirl Blues
For Old Times Ache
I'm Gonna Run
Let's Make A Better World
Clear The Air

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