• The To Do List Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jul 26th 2013
  • Composer Jason Boschetti
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Complete List of Songs

Me So Horny
First song, opening credits.
0:05 Second song as they drive off from school. Brandy goes through her to do list in the car.
Good Vibrations (feat. Loleatta Holloway)
0:06 First song as they arrive at the party. Derrick (Glover) is doing a beer bong.
Pour Some Sugar On Me
0:07 Rusty sings this song at the party.
0:20 Brandy starts studying and learning up sex phrases.
0:23 The pool opens on the first day, before Brandy gets pushed into the pool.
Shockwave Rider
0:26 Brandy pushes Willy into the pool.
Let\'s Talk About Sex
0:28 Song playing in the car as the three girls talk about getting finger banged.
Fade Into You
0:30 Cameron and Amber kiss on the couch.
The Smartest Stupidest Girl
0:44 After Amber loses her top in the pool. She starts to teach Willy to swim.
0:50 Song playing in Ambers room when she pretends to be nice and steals one of her bras.
0:55 They sneak into the pool with the band.
I Don\'t Know Why I Love You
1:15 Brandy and Rusty make out in the pool.
1:17 Song after Brandy is fired from the pool.
1:24 Brandy and Rusty have sex in the car.
1:26 Brandy sees her parents having sex in the car next to her.
Break It Down Again
1:30 Brandy leaves to get her friends back.
Wind Beneath My Wings
1:32 Brandy sings this song to her friends at the end of the movie.
1:35 After Brandy\'s dad asks if she\'s ok. Willy and Brandy talk at the pool.
U Can\'t Touch This
1:40 End credits song.
Cut Your Hair
Rayon Summer
Purple Sky
One Time Looker
Pomp and Pomp & Circumstance Marches #1 No. 1 In D Major
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
Pearl Necklace
Good Thing

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  • what song is this lyrics from? scene is from when Brandy and Rusty was making out at the car before they had sex so many people lost in the night they left behind the daydreamer