• The Spectacular Now Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 13th 2013
  • Composer Rob Simonsen
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Complete List of Songs

Live Fast Love Hard
0:03 First song playing in Sutters car. Cassidy drives up and breaks up with him.
0:21 First song at the party by the water. Sutter introduces Amy.
0:48 First song as Sutter and Amy walk into prom. Sutter dances with Cassidy.
0:50 Song at prom as Sutter talks about how happy he is. He dances with Amy.
1:03 Sutter\'s father takes him and Amy to the pub. First song.
Need Someone to Love
1:23 Song at the pub after Sutter watches Amy leave on the bus.
Song for Zula
1:29 End credits song.
Wakin' on a Pretty Day

Official Soundtrack

The Spectacular Now Official Soundtrack
1 My Name Is Sutter Keely Rob Simonsen
2 Paper Route Rob Simonsen
3 Sutter and Amy Rob Simonsen
4 Amy's House Rob Simonsen
5 Im'ing Cassidy Rob Simonsen
6 Walk in the Trees Rob Simonsen
7 Turn It Around Rob Simonsen
8 Prom Flask Rob Simonsen
9 I Want to Call Him Rob Simonsen
10 Porch Talk Rob Simonsen
11 Drive to Dad's Rob Simonsen
12 I Wasn't Kicked out, I Left Rob Simonsen
13 Waiting Room Rob Simonsen
14 Goodbye, Cassidy Rob Simonsen
15 Leaving Her Rob Simonsen
16 I'm a King Rob Simonsen
17 Towards an Unknown Future Rob Simonsen
18 Epictacular Then Rob Simonsen
19 In the Moment Rob Simonsen
20 It's in the Air Rob Simonsen
21 Song for Zula Phosphorescent
22 Baby (feat. Dam-Funk) Ariel Pink & Dam-Funk
23 Wakin' on a Pretty Day Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kurt Vile
The Spectacular Now Official Soundtrack
1 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young Faron Young
2 Go Hard Kutt the Check
3 Wild Nights Snake! Snake! Snakes!
4 New Theory Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Washed Out
5 Farming Man Tennessee River Crooks
6 The Riff Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Just Water
7 No Good with Secrets Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Saturday Looks Good to Me
8 Need Someone to Love Norma Jenkins

Trailer Music

Questions (1)

  • ethylsupreme 1 year ago
    Who sang "the Rose" during the closing credits of The Spectacular Now? The song is not listed as it did not play during the movie… Thank you!
    Guno_Satwiko 1 year ago
    this is it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_663470&feature=iv&src_vid=FcdOLKx2XG8&v=ZPxQYhGpdvg