• The Spectacular Now Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 13th 2013
  • Composer Rob Simonsen
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Complete List of Songs

Live Fast Love Hard
0:03 First song playing in Sutters car. Cassidy drives up and breaks up with him.
0:21 First song at the party by the water. Sutter introduces Amy.
0:48 First song as Sutter and Amy walk into prom. Sutter dances with Cassidy.
0:50 Song at prom as Sutter talks about how happy he is. He dances with Amy.
1:03 Sutter\'s father takes him and Amy to the pub. First song.
Need Someone to Love
1:23 Song at the pub after Sutter watches Amy leave on the bus.
Song for Zula
1:29 End credits song.
Wakin' on a Pretty Day

Official Soundtrack

The Spectacular Now Official Soundtrack
The Spectacular Now Official Soundtrack

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Questions (1)

  • ethylsupreme 2 years ago
    Who sang "the Rose" during the closing credits of The Spectacular Now? The song is not listed as it did not play during the movie… Thank you!
    Guno_Satwiko 2 years ago
    this is it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_663470&feature=iv&src_vid=FcdOLKx2XG8&v=ZPxQYhGpdvg