• Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 18th 2013
  • Composer Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau
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Complete List of Songs

Ride Like the Wind
Song during paramount opening, before movie starts.
0:01 First song as Ron and Veronica walk through New York City.
0:12 Ron goes in search of his news team.
Whammy Chicken
0:13 Champs chicken advertisement.
0:16 Brian Fantana is photographing for the cat shoot.
0:18 They ride off in the van, Brian tells them Brick is dead.
0:18 Song at Bricks funeral.
Thunder Island
0:19 After they pick Brick up from his funeral they drive off again.
0:22 Song during the slow motion car crash scene.
0:23 Song as the team arrive in the big apple after the crash. They walk into the GNN studio.
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
0:31 Ron takes Veronica a gift when he arrives in New York.
0:42 Brick walks up to Chani and asks her out after the outburst.
Dance the Night Away
0:52 The news team are re hired after their high ratings.
The Groove Line
0:53 The GNN starts to grow in popularity. The team start doing adverts and report with their crack segment.
Every 1's a Winner
0:54 The team decides to get perms.
Mic Handover
0:55 Played song we David and Carmen we have all Sex.
Feels Like the First Time
1:01 Song plays after Ron covers the live car chase.
After the Love Has Gone
1:02 Song as Ron and Linda Jackson have sex.
1:03 Brick and Chani make out at the laundromat.
It Might Be You
1:07 Ron and his son spend some time together by the lake.
Isolde's Liebestod
1:17 Opera song as Ron is mid-air during his ice skating routine.
1:17 Live band plays this song as Ron ice skates.
1:19 Two months later after Ron loses his eye sight. He is living in the lighthouse.
Walter's Sonata
1:22 Walter plays this song on the piano at the end of the movie.
1:24 Veronica comes back to Ron at the lighthouse and helps him find his way again.
1:26 Ron sings this to Doby, his shark, when they release him into the wild.
Genius of Love
1:30 Ron is welcomed back to the station after his eye sight is returned.
1:30 Last song, plays into end credits.
Hold Your Head Up
1:37 Ron walks out of the news and tries to hail a cab to get to his sons trumpet recital.
1:48 Ron makes the recital in time. Continues at Brick and Chanis wedding.
1:50 Ron chases after Doby in the ocean, before the shark attacks him.
Broadway Boogie Down
2:20 Played into end credits.
Charivari Clowns
He's My Boy
In The Back, In The Corner, In The Dark
Feels So Good
Trumpet Voluntary
All Eyes on Hollywood

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Trailer Music

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
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Rupert Holmes
Don't Stop Believin'
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Dance the Night Away
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Van Halen
Don't Stop Believin'
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