• Dallas Buyers Club Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 1st 2013
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

0:11 Day 1 after Ron finds out he has HIV. He parties with some girls in his trailer.
Ruby, Don\'t Take Your Love to Town
0:22 Ron fights his friends at the pub after they find out he has aids.
0:26 In the strip club when Ron spots the Hospital cleaner. He starts getting AZT from him.
0:50 First song at the gay club.
0:51 Second song at the club, Ron makes a sale.
Life Is Strange
0:54 Rayon is playing this song at their new office. Some new customers arrive. Again end credits.
1:45 Song as Dr. Saks rests her head on Ron. She readjusts the painting he gave her.
El Adios del Soldado
Ballrooms of Mars
Main Man

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Questions (1)

  • kdiorio 2 years ago
    when rogers was advertising dallas buyers club what song was singing not from the movie but introducing June's movie lineup