Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Soundtrack 

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Purple Song Available on Rdio Shuggie Otis
0:11 Day 1 after Ron finds out he has HIV. He parties with some girls in his trailer.
Ruby, Don\'t Take Your Love to Town Song Available on Rdio Kenny Rogers
0:22 Ron fights his friends at the pub after they find out he has aids.
Sweet Thang Song Available on Rdio Shuggie Otis
0:26 In the strip club when Ron spots the Hospital cleaner. He starts getting AZT from him.
Follow Me Song Available on Rdio Amanda Lear
0:50 First song at the gay club.
Obsession Song Available on Rdio Animotion
0:51 Second song at the club, Ron makes a sale.
Life Is Strange Song Available on Rdio T. Rex
0:54 Rayon is playing this song at their new office. Some new customers arrive. Again end credits.
Prélude Song Available on Rdio Alexandra Streliski
1:45 Song as Dr. Saks rests her head on Ron. She readjusts the painting he gave her.
The Fool Song Available on Rdio Sanford Clark
El Adios del Soldado Carolos Periguez
Ballrooms of Mars T. Rex
Main Man T. Rex


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kdiorio level 1 | 2 months ago
when rogers was advertising dallas buyers club what song was singing not from the movie but introducing June's movie lineup