Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) Soundtrack 

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Complete List of Songs

Whistle    Sporto Kantes
0:01 First song played at Adele's 18th Birthday party   
Epic    Sandro Silva & Quintino
0:01 Adèle and Emma at the pride parade.   
On lâche rien    HK & Les saltimbanks
0:28 They sing this song as they protest.   
Atom    1 Julien Blend
0:38 Song at the gay club as Adele walks around.   
Live for Today    1 Dennis Winslow, Robert J. Walsh & Ronn L. Chick
0:43 First song as Adele walks through the lesbian bar.   
Feel It Now    1 Alex Johnson, Chris Allen, Steve Satterthwaite
0:46 Emma talks to Adèle at the bar.   
Bedlam Town    1 Bill Baylis and Julie Anne Tulley
0:50 Another song at the lesbian bar. Emmas friends ask her and Adele to go clubbing in Belgian.   
Hermano    El Timba
0:51 Adele listens to this song as she writes in her diary as she sits at the window.   
I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)    1 Lykke Li
1:29 Song as they start dancing at Adeles 18th birthday party.   
Visit The Stone    1 Mark G Hart and Stephen Emil Dudas
1:56 Adele awkwardly dances with a man at the gathering.   
Mi Corazoncito    Aventura
2:01 Adele meets her coworkers out at a bar.   
Bonbon (Guinée)    Marlène Ngaro & Mamadoudiam Camara
2:22 Adèle's class performs their dance.   
Love Gone Wrong    1 Dennis Winslow, Robert J Walsh, Ronn L Chick
A que Bueno    1 Klaim
Pomelo    2 Astro B boy
Second gay pride song   
Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622. Adagio    1 Ernst Ottensamer, Vienna Mozart Academy (guided by
So Far S'good    1 Mark G Hart and Stephen Emil Dudas
Home Lands    1 Denis Levaillant
La Bala de Billy    Pupy & Los Que Son Son
Something    1 Jean-Paul Hurier & Charlotte Marin

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